Emerging Markets Research by Nation

While emerging markets are collectively known to be economic growth drivers, specific opportunities and considerations vary by market and region. Let’s take a look at what the AlphaSense platform surfaces when we run a search for “emerging markets” and filter by specific countries. 


brazil emerging markets research

All eyes are on how the results of Brazil’s recent presidential election and its sociopolitical ripple effects will impact its profitability and growth potential. 

A quick search on AlphaSense for emerging market analysis related to Brazil found in-depth domestic broker research from BTG Pactual and Itau as well as news commentary from sources like Euromoney, The International Business Times, The Economist, and TIME International.


china emerging markets research

China’s integral role in global consumption has made it a top region of interest for emerging market investors. China is so interwoven with the global supply chain that its growth potential impacts that of other countries on every continent.

At the same time, the Chinese market has been highly affected by market-moving events like COVID-19 lockdowns and the Russia-Ukraine war. In fact, the share of Chinese stocks in the benchmark emerging markets index MSCI has fallen 32% from 2020 to 2022, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. 

However, 2023 is set to be a pivotal year for this market, as China has announced a renewed focus on economic resilience. This particular market is rife with both risk and opportunity, making an AI-based market intelligence platform like AlphaSense invaluable. 

A few additional resources you’ll find on China in the AlphaSense platform: China/Hong Kong Consumer Strategy 2023 Outlook from Morgan Stanley, Federal Reserve Bank research on China’s impact on the global economy, BBC watchlists, domestic perspectives from the Beijing Review, and industry and commodities reports from Haitong Securities and Guatai Junan.


emerging markets research india

Analysts will want to keep their eye on India as it continues to experience high growth and economic expansion amidst worldwide uncertainty elsewhere. An S&P chief economist recently rated it a “star” emerging market.

On the AlphaSense platform, notable research sources on India include a report from UBS on key themes and investment ideas in India for 2023 and content from the Reserve Bank of India, which includes minutes from the country’s Monetary Policy Committee meetings. Indian research providers like Motilal Oswal Securities and Anand Rathi Securities provide expert insight into their domestic economy, specific industries, and individual companies.

South Africa

emerging markets research south africa

Amidst challenges for other emerging markets in 2022, South Africa remains a healthy and attractive emerging market option for investors (Bloomberg recently named it a “top pick for choosy investors” and Reuters called it a “safe haven in emerging market maelstrom”).

Important South African perspectives you’ll find on AlphaSense come from news sources like Bizcommunity and Cape Business News. Research focused on this region is plentiful from The World Bank and Focus Economics.


emerging markets research turkey

A young population, recent industrialization, and a heavy investment in infrastructure all point to Turkey’s potential to remain on a growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.

On the AlphaSense platform, look for Fitch Solutions Sector Intelligence Reports (which typically cost $1500+ per report) on several individual Turkish industries—logistics and freight, security and defense, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and oil and gas (among others).


emerging markets research russia

Russia has long been considered an emerging market superpower, but its growth potential has been overshadowed this year by its conflict with Ukraine and resulting economic impacts.

This conflict has put Russia on the front page of just about every news outlet, so in the AlphaSense platform you can expect to find plentiful commentary from media sources around the world.

If you’re looking for the lesser-seen Russian perspective, look for news sources recapping commentary from top Russian news agency, TASS (here are two examples from Acquisdata and The Financial Post).


emerging markets research malaysia

Malaysia boasts one of the wealthiest economies in Asia and a high-ranked GDP amongst other high-ranked ASEAN countries.

On the AlphaSense platform, look for domestic news perspectives on economic and sociopolitical happenings from Malaysia Economic News and Malay Mail. CIMB Research offers valuable Malaysian industry reports as well, including on telecom, banks, and agriculture.

Bonus: Overall Emerging Market Research Winners

In addition to nation- and region-specific insights, the AlphaSense platform offers access to global leaders in investment research. Institutional Investor recently ranked HSBC, JP Morgan, and BofA as the current emerging market leaders among the investment world’s brokerage giants.