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80% of the world’s top investment banks use AlphaSense

Never miss a deadline

Whether it’s finishing a deck or compiling assumptions for a model, let our powerful AI search technology instantly surface key insights and numbers, so you can save time on searching and focus on valuable analysis.

Remove gaps in your due diligence

Never miss a piece of crucial information in dense documents and spot red flags before deal close with AI-technology uncovering insights for you.

More complete answers in less time

Stop wasting time waiting for research with instant access to thousands of premium sources, like embargoed research and industry reports—in one single platform.

Know your deal, inside and out.

Find that needle in a haystack that you need for your pitch deck or PIB by using intelligent search to quickly filter, identify, and vet any company or industry. Smart Synonyms expand your queries to deliver the most relevant results, surfacing the right intel for your research needs.

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Complete better due diligence in less time

Expand the breadth of searchable sources with instant access to premium content, like embargoed research and top industry reports, giving your due diligence an unbiased, 360° view of any company.

Jumpstart financial analysis and models

Spend less time manually spreading financials or toggling between restated and original financials. Powerful tools like Table Explorer give you the ability to stitch together historical statements, automatically calculate key metrics, and export directly to Excel.

“I’m about to advise on a $10bn deal, so I need to become an expert quickly on this space and have peace of mind that I am not missing anything. AlphaSense allows me to accomplish both.”

Managing Director

“In traditional IB fashion, I wasn’t looking forward to trying something new initially – but AlphaSense has been hard to ignore. When I need to get smart on an industry quickly, it’s the most powerful resource I have to aggregate broker research, company presentations, press releases, and company reports, and find what I need in a pinch.”


“We were able to create a search across 13D’s that alerts us whenever a new company is attracting activist attention. This is something that is hard to do outside of press releases in other tools, and has helped us generate more business.”

Senior Associate

“Pulling up the right broker research generally takes time with the cycle of requesting, reviewing the results, and being happy with the results. I find this more intuitive to get instant access, and save a lot of time, especially with the modeling features and without manual number crunching.”

Senior Analyst

“Being able to search for topics/industries in a positive or negative context is incredibly helpful when we are trying to prove or support a thesis and when we are aggregating materials for a deck. This normally takes me hours but can be accomplished in AlphaSense with a few searches.”

Vice President

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Conduct accurate and speedy due diligence with AI search technology that surfaces insights with instant and centralized access to embargoed research, industry reports, and company documents. Start a free trial with AlphaSense today.

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