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Trusted by over 85% of the S&P 100 and over 3,500 global organizations

AlphaSense FAQs

AlphaSense is an AI-powered search engine for market intelligence. At the heart of AlphaSense (and the reason our customers love us) is our proprietary and market-leading AI technology that uses machine learning and NLP to help users extract insights in seconds from thousands of previously disparate business data sources.

Our award-winning AI technology sits on top of a broad range of financial and business content sources. This combination helps AlphaSense users quickly find everything from thematic and company trends to granular, nuanced information, so they can confidently gather the insights they need to make critical business decisions.

Some key examples of what users like about the AlphaSense platform, include the ability to:

More than 10,000 curated data sources can be accessed in AlphaSense, including:

  • Regulatory filings, including SEC and global filings, earning call transcripts, and more.
  • Public and private company data, including financial information, employee data, company documents, and peer comparisons.
  • Company presentations and disclosures, including event transcripts, ESG reports, company presentations, press releases, and more.
  • Global equity research from top tier banking and independent research teams.
  • Broad range of financial and business sources, including news, trade journals, and other media sources.
  • Life sciences content covering clinical trials, biomedical research, global public health information, and more.
  • Expert call transcripts between industry operators and buy-side analysts
  • And much more.

AlphaSense is used by the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions, including 85% of the S&P 100 and 70% of the top 50 hedge funds.

Knowledge professionals, from individuals, to teams and leaders, across industries and roles rely on AlphaSense to enable strategic decision making.

Industries typically served include: information technology, industrials, media, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, energy, consulting, asset management, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, investment banking, sell side equity research, and more.

Functions commonly served include: competitive intelligence, market intelligence, corporate strategy, business strategy, business intelligence, investor relations, corporate development, M&A, business consultants, business insights, commercial assessment, pricing/access, investment teams and analysts, financial analysts, financial planning & analysis, options analysts, equity analysts, macro analysts, market analysts, credit analysts, portfolio management, financial research, venture capitalists, private equity, corporate librarians, and more.

We provide annual subscriptions for all team sizes, ranging from enterprise packages to per-seat options. Please reach out, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss pricing.

AlphaSense is trusted by over 3,500 enterprises worldwide, including over 85% of the S&P 100 companies.

Market intelligence is the practice of collecting and analyzing information about a given industry, market segment, or company to inform strategy, business decisions, or otherwise give a company a competitive advantage.

A market intelligence platform is an innovative technology that empowers individuals to automate and quickly analyze unstructured data and research a given market segment, industry, or company. These insights can be used for a competitive advantage, inform corporate strategy, or various other use cases.

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