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Equity research, long considered a practice exclusive to financial services firms, is now critical to every kind of organization—corporate entities and financial institutions alike.

Today’s pace of business requires companies to be smarter and more informed than they were in the past, with access to market data beyond what can be found on public search engines and websites. 

The world is more digitally connected and information is more widely available, meaning the imperative for companies to have access to crucial insights is growing. In order to stay competitive and make decisions that drive intelligent strategy and growth, research professionals need to find insights before anyone else. 

With AlphaSense, users have access to best-in-class features and exclusive content they won’t find on other platforms, including:

  • AI Search Technology: Technologies like Smart Synonyms and sentiment analysis deliver the most comprehensive, relevant results for every query
  • Wall Street Insights®: A leading collection of equity research covering global sector themes, industries, and companies from 1,000+ sell-side and independent firms
  • Expert Insights: 40,000+ transcripts of one-on-one calls with industry experts, competitors, customers, professionals, and former and current executives.
  • Exclusive Broker Research: Centralized access to real-time and after-market research from top brokerage firms

AlphaSense allows analysts and business leaders to conduct due diligence and make data-driven investment decisions swiftly and with confidence.

"Much better than other equity research platforms with a lot more on top"

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What do you like best about AlphaSense?

The search function and integrations for the platform are much better than using FactSet, CIQ, or Eikon to pull equity research. The UI is clean and simple to use for this. Beyond that, since sources from news articles can be brought in I can do all of my research on one platform instead of a few to find some informationReview collected by and hosted on

What problems is AlphaSense solving and how is that benefiting you?

AlphaSense just makes it very easy to comb large amounts of data to find different perspectives and figures in one place. Instead of using an equity research platform, google, and BamSEC combined, I just use AlphaSense instead.

– Patrick D., Corporate Development Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaSense combines cutting-edge AI search technology with the highest quality content sources for an unparalleled research experience across sectors. Users have access to insights from an extensive library of public, private, and proprietary content, including:

  • Regulatory filings and disclosures from 68,000 companies worldwide
  • Research reports from 1,500+ research providers
  • 40,000+ proprietary expert call transcripts of interviews between buy-side analysts and subject matter experts
  • Top-tier newspapers, trade publications, and media sources
  • Private company data (both qualitative and quantitative) from 1.4M companies
  • Curated equity research provided by Wall Street Insights®

AlphaSense’s artificial intelligence search technology is designed to accelerate and enhance research, allowing users to spend less time and effort on manual tasks, while eliminating research blind spots. In addition to smart search technology, AlphaSense offers generative AI that is purpose-built for business professionals.

AlphaSense’s proprietary genAI tool, Smart Summaries, generates insights across all four key perspectives—company documents, news, expert calls, and broker research. 

Sourced from across all broker research you are entitled to, published within the past 90 days, and covers sections including: 

  • Upgrades and downgrades – Covers which brokers have upgraded/downgraded this company within the past 90 days and why 
  • SWOT analysis – Covers the topics/trends identified as strengths/opportunities or threats/weaknesses from across broker reports about this company
  • Competitive landscape – Covers the competitive landscape for this company from across broker reports

In addition, AlphaSense offers many opportunities for forward-thinking organizations to collaborate with tools like shared editing, commenting, and document highlighting, as well as API integration functionality.

Users can easily prioritize equity research sources on the AlphaSense platform by filtering their search results by category or individual research provider.

There are two ways to do this: First, users can perform a search, then click “Research” under the search box to filter to see results from equity research sources only. Alternatively, users can click “More Sources” and drill down to specific providers based on firm or report type.

At the same time, users can be confident every important equity research source related to a given query will be included in their general search results, prioritized by relevance within the larger list of content sources.

Equity research is essential to stay in the know about how the market views your own company and your competitors, as well as to maintain an accurate view of your current market landscape, timely trends, and important industry news and events.

It’s not enough to rely on public-facing information crafted by companies themselves, which is designed to project the most positive outlook possible regardless of current market conditions. 

The only way to gain objective, accurate views of individual companies or industries is through exclusive first-hand sources like the ones accessible on the AlphaSense platform—quarterly call transcripts, broker research reports, expert interviews, annual reports and the like. 

Without this type of perspective, companies are left using ad-hoc research methods that often deliver incomplete insights and could result in costly business decisions.

With AI-based search functionality, you never have to use CTRL+F again because our AI automatically scans documents for keywords that are synonymous and relevant to your original search. That way, you get access to deeper information that would otherwise be impossible to find. You can then reallocate your time from manual work to higher-level analysis and strategic execution.

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Equity research includes several types of reports, some published by individual companies themselves and others by third-party research firms. The most common and insightful types of equity research reports include:

  • Company reports: Highlight the latest news, company announcements, earnings reports, Buy Sell Hold ratings, M&A activity — anything that impacts the value of the company.
  • Initiation reports: Created when an equity research analyst or firm initiates their coverage of a stock, these provide a baseline of what the company is and how it is performing
  • Industry reports: Cover a group of individual companies within a particular industry or sector
  • Commodities reports: Published daily or weekly to provide insight on commodities and opinions from expert analysts or traders
  • Flash reports: A quick 1-2 page report that comments on a news release or other timely event related to a company or industry

Level Up Your Equity Research Strategy with AlphaSense

AlphaSense provides a 360-degree in-depth view of every market—from macro trends and industry analyses to company deep-dives and individual stock valuations. If you want to build an investment research workflow that wins, look no further than what the AlphaSense platform can provide.

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