Dow Overcomes Digital Overload With AlphaSense

At a glance

Location: Global | Company size: 37,000+ employees


  • Inefficiencies with decision-making due to “digital overload”
  • Escalating costs for broker research and expert calls
  • Lack of collaborative opportunities for information-sharing


  • Improved decision-making efficiency
  • Increased efficiency and quantity of market opportunities identified
  • Reduced “digital debt”
  • Enhanced internal information-sharing processes


The company

Dow (NYSE: DOW) combines global breadth; asset integration and scale; focused innovation and materials science expertise; leading business positions; and environmental, social and governance leadership to help deliver a sustainable future. Dow’s portfolio of plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings and silicones businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated, science-based products and solutions for its customers in high-growth market segments, such as packaging, infrastructure, mobility and consumer applications. Dow operates manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employs approximately 37,800 people. 

The challenge of digital overload

In a hyper-competitive industry filled with evolving scientific innovations, Dow relies on accurate, real-time information to evaluate industry trends around new market opportunities. However, siloed external information sources made it difficult to access the intelligence needed to make efficient decisions. A tool that could break down disparate silos of information would help increase efficiency while eradicating potential blind spots in their research.

“Getting rapid access to information in new market areas is always the biggest challenge. We don’t have existing contacts or networks because they’re new markets, but we still need to get access to the information.”

Matt Quale, Business Development Director at Dow

Quale’s team came to him with a proposal to purchase AlphaSense, a powerful AI-based market intelligence and search platform that empowers businesses to make better, faster decisions. The reward came quickly for Quale’s team. In less than a year, they are proud to say that the platform “practically pays for itself” by eliminating other tools in their workflow, including expensive expert calls.

Efficiency unlocked

“Front-end innovation is a numbers game. The more ideas you’re able to look at, the more successes you’re going to get on the back end. With AlphaSense, we can quickly get to the projects that will drive success at Dow.”

Matt Quale, Business Development Director at Dow

Being able to parse through multiple sources of information starts with a simple interface. AlphaSense’s user-friendly platform created a new level of efficiency and reduced “digital debt” within Dow’s Business Development team. “It allows our team to spend less time sifting through useless facts and irrelevant data,” says Quale. Rather than continuing to rely on consumer-grade public search engines and individual, expensive market research reports, the team appreciates how AlphaSense saves them time and money by consolidating fragmented content sources into a single platform.

Dow relies on a variety of content to find quick solutions to their research needs. The team has widely taken advantage of the broker research content that AlphaSense offers, as well as news articles and press releases. From a cost perspective, AlphaSense’s powerful search engine has saved Dow time and money. By providing direct access to relevant data points in broker research reports from the outset, they don’t have to spin their wheels searching for a specific piece of information across a variety of costly, potentially fruitless, reports.

Moreover, increased collaboration and information-sharing amongst teammates is another win the Dow team sees from utilizing AlphaSense. The team takes advantage of the automated alert functionality, which delivers specified content directly to their email inboxes and allows them to more easily share information internally. The team has found that this increased consistency and interconnectivity of the data has allowed them to accelerate the learning curve to quickly get them up-to-speed on new markets and technology areas. 

“That very targeted push of information is important. It helps me avoid “digital debt” where I get so much influx of information that I can’t consume it all.”

Matt Quale, Business Development Director at Dow

What’s next?

The decision to continue leveraging AlphaSense when it was time for renewal was unanimous. Quale and his team are excited about how they can continue integrating digital information tools, like AlphaSense, to better inform decision-making internally across the broader organization.

To those considering getting started with AlphaSense, Quale recommends reflecting on the traditional tools being used today and see if digital overload and inefficient time spend rings true, as it did with Quale’s team. Moreover, Quale strongly advises those new to using AlphaSense to take advantage of AlphaSense’s real-time support capabilities to help set up search queries, alerts, and dashboards.

“No tool is going to do the analysis and evaluation for you. But AlphaSense helps accelerate that initial learning curve so you can get up to speed on these new markets and technology areas very quickly.”

Matt Quale, Business Development Director at Dow

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