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Complete comprehensive due diligence 5-10x faster with the leading financial research and AI search platform.

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80% of the world’s top private equity firms use AlphaSense.

Conduct air-tight due diligence in less time

Let our powerful AI search technology instantly surface key metrics and data on any company, so you can focus on valuable analysis.


Map landscapes with more confidence

Get varied and nuanced insights on any niche industry or company, by expanding your breadth of premium, searchable, sources aggregated in one single platform.

Tap into expert perspectives

Gain instant access to thousands of expert call transcripts with former employees or competitors and get exclusive first-hand insights on hard-to-research companies.

Focus on opportunities with the highest ROI

Quickly determine the viability of a deal with Keyword Search, allowing you to run thematic searches to map the market, identify segment-specific drivers, and uncover any red flags. Smart Synonyms™ expands your queries to deliver the most relevant results, ensuring you surface only the right intel.

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Widen the scope of your due diligence

Level up your due diligence with instant access to the world’s leading aftermarket research from 1,500+ sell-side and independent firms, including exclusive reports from Goldman Sachs, that cover a wide breadth of companies, industries, and macroeconomic themes.

Jumpstart financial analysis and models

Spend less time manually spreading financials or toggling between restated and original financials. Table Explorer gives you the ability to stitch together historical statements, automatically calculate key metrics, and export directly to Excel.

“It’s an urgent business and everybody is time sensitive. Instantly searching for something vs. 5 hours of waiting for someone to approve research could be the difference between doing a deal or not.”

Investment Associate

“It’s efficiency more than anything. We cover a lot of companies in a short period of time and AlphaSense gives you relevant, high-quality resources, straightaway. Not wasting my time on a useless report found on Google.”

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“As a firm we are generalists. That means accessing reliable market reports that tell us what we don’t know, is very important. A research piece from Goldman Sachs has a lot more weight attached to them.”

Investment Associate

“From a VP/Partner level, the value in AlphaSense comes from real research, following research, screening for pieces of information that are valuable and useful, and just keeping track of things that you want to stay up to date on.”


“ AlphaSense has a lot of info we would be pulling otherwise from 6 different sources and but has it all under one roof. So that alone is useful – but then you get extra content like Expert Call Transcript that are also very helpful.”

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Be better prepared for committee

Conduct accurate and comprehensive due diligence with AI search technology. Surface insights with instant and centralized access to aftermarket research, industry reports, and proprietary expert insights for both private and public companies. Start a free trial with AlphaSense today.

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