Improve Your Decision Making With Actionable Pharma Insights

For those in the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining a competitive edge requires staying on top of regulatory activities, FDA drug approvals, drug development and clinical trials, and any potentially market-moving events. But regulatory sites like are notoriously tedious and time-consuming to navigate, and in today’s age of information overload, finding the right insights becomes a herculean task. 

Rather than relying on historical datasets and manually searching for information from fragmented sources, pharma professionals are turning to all-in-one market intelligence platforms, like AlphaSense, that have the capability of aggregating thousands of high-quality content sources.

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With the AlphaSense platform, you can access exclusive content only found elsewhere in disparate locations and often locked behind expensive paywalls. This content includes:

  • Healthcare news, industry reports, company reports, clinical trial updates and regulatory content from sources such as PubMed,, World Health Organization, MedlinePlus, and FDA
  • Over 1,500 research providers including Wall Street Insights®, a premier analyst research collection for corporate professionals
  • Expert call transcript library with over 40,000 vetted interviews (including with competitors, suppliers, doctors, and KOLs)

Furthermore, the AlphaSense platform streamlines, accelerates, and simplifies your research process with advanced AI search technology. Gone are the days of manually parsing through high volumes of data, attempting to separate useful signals from the noise, and invariably leaving yourself susceptible to missed information or research blind spots. 

With AI, you can quickly identify trends and patterns that would be impossible to detect using manual processes alone, thereby exponentially increasing the ROI of your research

AlphaSense helps you quickly uncover precise insights on your competitors, drugmakers, the pharma industry, and the market at large—so that you can immediately incorporate them into your competitive strategy, R&D investment, and commercialization goals. 

These features and more are why G2 has consistently rated AlphaSense a leader in market intelligence for corporations and financial institutions alike.

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How the Top Pharma Companies Use AlphaSense

AlphaSense is trusted by the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Here’s how our clients utilize the platform to unlock critical insights:

Clinical Pipeline Tracking

In order to track the pharmaceutical pipeline, you need data from industry publications that provide reliable information about clinical trial developments. AlphaSense’s vast collection of regulatory content—which includes sources like, FDA, EMA, PubMed, and more—enables clients to easily stay on top of any clinical trial updates and identify larger patterns in consumer demand and the market landscape.

Disease Landscaping

AlphaSense’s AI company recognition and Search Summaries help ensure you never miss out on key updates from pharma companies. With AlphaSense, you can extract data such as market share, pricing benchmarks, M&A history, and company performance, and then fill in the gaps of your quantitative research with qualitative data found within the four main content sets in the platform— company documents, news/regulatory documents, analyst research, and expert calls.

Earnings Analysis

In addition to housing thousands of earnings call transcripts within the platform, AlphaSense accelerates and sharpens your earnings research with sentiment analysis and AI smart search technology. 

Sentiment analysis helps uncover shifts in commentary on relevant companies and disease areas. Our smart search technology also surfaces emerging topics from industry leaders, topics of discussion by competitors and healthcare providers, and company KPIs—enabling you to get a full-scale understanding of the industry.

Our newest generative AI feature, Smart Summaries, allows you to instantly glean earnings insights—reducing time spent on research during earnings season and allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Trend Forecasting

AlphaSense’s AI technology understands each client’s specific needs and interests, and recommends critical data sets, market trends, and emerging companies that are important to know in order to make proactive drug pipeline decisions and commercial assessments. Our Trending Topics and customizable dashboards enable you to monitor the precise themes and companies that are of most interest and value to your strategic goals, whether that be competitor documents, earnings calls, or expert sentiment. 

Pharmaceutical Insights From the AlphaSense Platform

The following are a list of key insights, collected with the help of the AlphaSense platform, on the pharmaceutical industry: 

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