AlphaSense and Tegus: Better Together

As of July 2024, AlphaSense and Tegus have joined forces, bringing unparalleled access to even more insights, and covering more industries and companies than ever before. 

Both platforms come with extensive libraries of high-quality research, as well as data and AI tools that allow users to extract the most value from the insights they find.

Tegus has an extensive and fast-growing library of high-quality expert research, which includes coverage of 35,000+ public and private companies across TMT, consumer goods, energy, and life sciences sectors. Additionally, Tegus’ financial data offering, which includes financials, KPIs, and fully drivable models on more than 4,000 public companies, as well as its BamSEC self-serve solution to search and access securities filings, adds new and unique offerings to AlphaSense’s extensive product suite and datasets. 

Meanwhile, AlphaSense has an extensive universe of content, spanning the four key perspectives of research, as well as industry-leading automation and AI search capabilities. These features will help Tegus customers gain a deeper understanding of market sentiments, investment strategies, and financial forecasts, complementing the expert perspectives they already rely on.

Proprietary Insights from Expert Calls

First-hand perspectives, such as those discovered in expert calls, are a critical addition to secondary research. Not only do they transform your research process from reactive to proactive, they ensure you stay ahead of the curve and competition. While quantitative insights and data are important for painting an objective picture, company leaders need first-hand experiential knowledge gained through expert calls to build a holistic view of any market, industry, or trend

AlphaSense Expert Insights streamlines the expert call process and access to firsthand industry perspectives for business professionals through its innovative expert transcript library and Expert Call Services. Our expert transcript library contains insights you cannot find anywhere else, allowing you to uncover value in the following key ways:

Reliable and Objective Knowledge

It’s not always easy to find objective qualitative information in market research, especially when relying solely on company documents. In earnings and investor relations calls, companies want to present themselves in the best possible light, making it difficult to glean the nuances of company culture, industry-specific competitive landscapes, or even consumer behavior. 

Expert calls are so valuable because they offer a highly informed, yet unbiased perspective, since the experts are no longer involved with the company in question (and in rare cases where the expert is still part of the market or industry, they have to abide by strict disclaimers to combat conflicts of interest).

At AlphaSense, experts are required to be at least six months out of their prior role with the target company of the expert call transcript. This ensures that AlphaSense’s expert transcripts provide significantly more objective insights than interviews with current company employees or stakeholders. 

Deep Insights into Niche Spaces

In many instances, there is no way of knowing the particulars of a company, industry, or market unless one has spent a significant amount of time working within the space. 

However, expert call interviews can uncover insights and potential research areas that an analyst would have never known to look into. And even when a researcher is well-versed within a niche spacefor instance, when an investment firm seeks to enter a high-potential marketexpert calls can still provide the kind of unique perspective that would be impossible to come by from any other source. 

Our expert transcript library is populated with interviews from experts closest to the sourcefrom customers and competitors to partners and former company executives.

Insight into Highly Regulated Industries and Markets 

Industries like healthcare, financial services, and tech are some of the hottest in the current investment landscape, but they are also highly regulated. As these industries are currently experiencing some of the highest growth rates in the US, demand for expert knowledge in these areas is high to capitalize on high-growth opportunities. 

However, these industries are rapidly changing, and many investors do not have a full understanding of all the relevant factors at play to make well-informed business and investment strategies within these markets. AlphaSense Expert Insights can fill in these gaps and ensure that investors’ decisions are not hindered by a lack of technical expertise by providing critical context to data-driven market research. 

Commentary on Larger Trends

Research analysts know how to recognize trends in market or industry data. But they don’t always understand the “why” behind these trends, what the larger implications of the trends are, or how these trends should be considered in relation to investment decisions. 

Our experts have the extensive experience and deep knowledge to answer all those questions. Additionally, analysts know how to conduct interviews to recognize and get beyond any subjective motivations in an expert’s response, uncovering valuable insights that can serve as a launching ground for additional research. 

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How AlphaSense Clients Use Expert Calls to Get Ahead

No longer just a powerful resource for the financial services space, expert calls are now providing valuable insights and a competitive advantage to corporate and consulting professionals at top companies. 

Here’s how our customers utilize Expert Insights for their financial and strategic research:

Corporate Strategy

  • Peer and competitive landscaping – An expert can provide valuable intel on a company’s operations, history, internal teams, competitors, and other relevant strategies. Knowing these details about one’s peers or competitors can empower more proactive strategy and help uncover specific competitive advantages and gaps of competitive interest.
  • Understanding industry trends and market-moving events – Experts can help professionals understand how certain trends will impact their company, as well as how other companies in the industry are being affected. This is important whether you are looking into M&A opportunities or simply benchmarking with your competition. An expert on a target company can help you understand how that company navigates evolving business environments. 
  • Technical expertise – For companies looking to launch a new product, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of how other products are both built and operated. Experts who have worked in engineering and product development teams within a company are capable of providing deep insight into these areas.

Hedge Funds

  • Outpace the competition – Expert Insights contains 40,000+ expert call transcripts paired with powerful intelligent search tools that help you make faster, more confident decisions. Our Expert Call Services also allow you to conduct your own 1:1 expert interviews at a 70% cost saving compared to traditional expert network call bundles.
  • Research use cases – With our diverse body of experts, ranging from former employeesexecutives to lab techs to sales to competitors, customers, channel partners, and moreyou have every perspective you need. These perspectives are crucial in long and short-book idea generation, exploring potential M&A or restructuring candidates, searching for sector or thematic insights, and monitoring portfolio holdings.
  • Industry-leading standards for compliance – All of our experts are vetted for conflicts, and our compliance team diligently reviews all calls to ensure that no material or non-public information is published. Internal compliance teams are also able to vet requested transcripts before use.

Asset Management

  • Save time and money – Our AI-search technology enables you to find the information you need faster by searching across our expert transcript library of 40,000+ expert transcripts, all for less than the cost of a typical call bundle.
  • Gain early access to fresh perspectives – We add thousands of new transcripts monthly, which means you always get updated, differentiated insights that empower better idea generation and portfolio monitoring.
  • Industry-leading standards for compliance – Expert Insights prioritizes compliance throughout the content development process and has a team of trained compliance reviewers who ensure research safety for clients. 

Private Equity

  • Discover winning opportunities faster – Our patented AI-search technology helps you bypass any irrelevant expert calls and surfaces only the most pertinent insights. We make sure you never waste time scheduling interviews with mediocre experts again.
  • Get the insights you need for a better offer – Because our calls are conducted by buy-side analysts, you can be sure they are going in deep on the topics that matter most. Learn about competitive moats, tech stacks, industry headwinds and tailwinds, and get answers to the questions that matter most.
  • Increase your value add in the boardroom – Expert Insights transcripts equip you with differentiated competitive intelligence, industry best practices, and notable companies to consider for add-on acquisitions. 

Venture Capital

  • Improve your market knowledge – Our expert calls provide critical market insights at scale straight from the source. Unearth pain points and new opportunities for disruption, and discover the strengths and weaknesses of emerging companies.
  • Gain a deep understanding of product roadmaps – Our expert transcripts will help you map out buy vs build plans, learn the difference between official messaging and an engineer’s code, and discover relevant partners and customers. 
  • Increase your value add in the boardroom – Expert Insights transcripts equip you with differentiated competitive intelligence, industry best practices, and notable potential acquirers to help you rise above your competition. 


  • Gain deep insights for clients – Each expert transcript in our expert transcript library contains firsthand, differentiated insights that fill in research gaps and go far beyond the industry knowledge that internal team members may have.
  • Source leading subject matter experts – The Expert Insights library can be used to find experts, including former or current executive leaders, to speak at internal workshops, or clients’ workshops.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence on clients – Expert transcripts enable consultants to get smart on their clients quickly and thoroughly, enabling them to meet their needs much more effectively and better than the competition.