Debunking 5 Popular Expert Network Myths

Expert networks are a critical tool for market intelligence and are leveraged by professionals to gain firsthand knowledge of specialized industries, companies, and markets. However, decades of costly third-party providers have led to many misconceptions about the efficiency and credibility of expert networks.

Fortunately, not all expert networks are created equal as the expert network industry has dramatically evolved since the late 1990s. Newer generation operating models provide actionable expert perspectives that empower informed decision-making while also maximizing your time through technological-driven efficiencies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (genAI).

AlphaSense, a leading market intelligence platform, has disrupted the expert network industry by providing Expert Insights with powerful AI search technology. Our all-in-one market intelligence platform allows users to streamline their primary research workflows with on-demand access to our expert transcript library and Expert Call Services.

Below, we not only explore popular myths about expert networks but also show you how newer models, like AlphaSense Expert Insights, debunk those common misconceptions and reshape the future of primary research.

Five Popular Expert Network Myths

Expert networks serve as an effective primary research tool that allows professionals to gather firsthand information from a large pool of qualified experts. Subject matter experts found through these networks offer qualitative insights and practical recommendations based on their extensive experience in their specialized field. 

One common misconception is the view that expert perspectives may introduce a potential risk for bias in the research process. However, a seasoned analyst understands how to avoid unconscious bias by creating a well-constructed expert interview to gain differentiated and objective insights from the expert.

In actuality, expert insights can help you analyze complex situations, identify opportunities, and build quality context around data-driven research through the substantial experience of a firsthand operator. These nuanced perspectives can transform abstract investment theses into clear, executable strategies, enabling business professionals to navigate uncertainty with confidence and clear direction.

Here are the most popular misconceptions about expert networks and how AlphaSense Expert Insights continues to debunk them:

1. Expert Networks are Too Expensive

Conducting one-on-one consultations with traditional expert networks is often an expensive, time-intensive process that comes with the risk of wasting time on unproductive calls. Most expert networks are costly and require the purchase of large call bundles 

Alphasense users find that Expert Insights is an excellent method to maximize their research budget as they have access to better and more qualified insights, without the hefty prices that they would have to pay elsewhere.

One AlphaSense customer has saved tens of thousands of dollars by using our AI-search technology to optimize their research at various pharmaceutical companies. The combination of our expert transcript library business model, flat rate pricing, and advanced search technology provides users with expert insights faster and more affordable than traditional expert networks.

In comparison to the variable cost models of traditional expert networks, our Expert Call Services allow users to save up to 70% in primary research costs. Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your market intelligence by using our ROI calculator.

Learn how to outperform competitors without the costs of a traditional expert network in our whitepaper, The Expert Insights Flywheel: Maximize Return on Your Time.

2. Expert Networks Lack Credible Experts

Expert networks often have a large roster of industry experts ranging anywhere from thousands to millions, which can result in variable quality and credibility levels for each expert. This variability can result in unproductive calls with low-quality insights that waste your valuable resources.

However, engaging with experts who have the right expertise and qualifications is critical when conducting primary market research to empower your business decisions. Unlike some expert networks, AlphaSense prioritizes the selection and onboarding of highly qualified professionals to ensure that each expert transcript and every one-on-one consultation offers premium insights.

Discover reliable expert perspectives by relying on the following AlphaSense features:

  • Rigorous Vetting Process – Benefit from our diligent vetting process that ensures each expert candidate featured in our library is screened for quality, expertise, and compliance.
  • Pre-Qualified Experts – Utilize the expert transcript library as a powerful vetting process for industry experts by reading an expert’s background and transcript content before conducting a custom call.
  • Range of Expertise – Uncover proprietary insights from expert interviews across a breadth of industries, including TMT, healthcare, consumer, industrials, energy, financials, materials, utilities, and real estate.

Make confident business decisions by leveraging reliable insights from credible and qualified industry experts.

3. Expert Networks Lack Compliance Guardrails

One major concern regarding expert networks is the lack of compliance measures and higher risks of exposure to material non-public information (MNPI). However, AlphaSense understands the importance of compliance and the nuanced risks associated with breaches and exposure to MNPI for every industry.

Our industry-leading compliance solutions guarantee:

  • Mitigated Risk to MNPI – Trust in our rigorous vetting process that mitigates your risks of exposure to MNPI and connects you with reliable experts for safe and quality calls.
  • Customizable Compliance Solutions – Leverage our customizable compliance programs that tailor solutions to your company-specific standards and laws to ensure each call adheres to your compliance needs.
  • Compliance Portal – Access to our compliance portal that allows you to audit all transcript activities and compliance questionnaires related to your company or customized expert interviews for complete transparency.

Conduct the perfect expert call with ease of mind through our reliable Expert Call Services and trustworthy experts so that you can make business and investment decisions with full confidence.

4. Expert Networks are Time-Consuming 

Another common concern with expert networks is the amount of time it takes for third-party providers to source and connect clients to experts. This traditional operating model results in a longer time to critical insights which can hinder decision-making in fast-paced business environments.

However, newer evolutions of the expert network can streamline access to industry experts through innovative technology. With over 10 years of investment in AI development, AlphaSense’s AI allows you to eliminate manual tasks in your research process and surface insights from tens of millions of data points across expert transcripts.

Gain expert insights in seconds and improve your time to decision with AlphaSense’s innovative platform features:

  • Fast Navigation – Leverage AI-driven features like Smart Synonyms™ and sentiment analysis to quickly surface expert transcripts most relevant to your search. 
  • Instant Insights –  Leverage our generative AI to glean instant insights and SWOT analysis from any expert or earnings transcript with Smart Summaries.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Stay informed in real-time with automated alerts and use custom search filters to surface documents and experts relevant to your research.
  • Talk to This Expert – Click this in-platform button that is available on every expert transcript available in our extensive expert transcript library to ensure you have the opportunity to dive deeper into any transcript

Discover how AlphaSense continues to reshape the expert network industry in our whitepaper, The Future of Primary Investment Research: An Evolution from Expert Networks to Expert Insights.

5. Expert Networks are Primarily for Market Research

Another misconception about expert networks is that they can only be used for market research. 

While market research is a common use case, expert insights are a valuable resource with many applications from conducting due diligence and earnings analysis, to developing corporate strategy, and gaining competitive intelligence. Expert perspectives provide strategic foresight into internal company dynamics and culture, market landscapes, industry shifts, and customer reactions.

AlphaSense Expert Insights allows business professionals to consolidate their primary and secondary research all within one market intelligence platform. This integrated approach empowers users to conduct every facet of their research process using one platform to streamline their workflows regardless of the use case.

Defy Doubt in Your Primary Research

Expert networks are the catalysts that transform informational deficiencies into opportunities by building connections with experts to offer firsthand qualitative information. However, research professionals are retiring traditional expert networks and adopting newer generation models that can revolutionize their primary research, like AlphaSense Expert Insights.

Discover the right expert network for you in our buyer’s guide, The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Expert Insights.

Defy doubt using AlphaSense Expert Insights. Start your free trial today.

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