Competitive Intelligence Expert Saves Tens of Thousands of Dollars Using AlphaSense at Various Pharmaceutical Companies

The Right Tool

When you’ve found the right tool to help you do your job well, you take it everywhere you go. That’s how Abhishek Chandiramani feels about AlphaSense, a market intelligence platform that offers his team at Precision BioSciences—as well as several of his previous life science companies—an all-in-one solution to the challenges of finding reliable and comprehensive data on market trends. Abhishek has a background in molecular genetics, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical management and currently runs Precision BioSciences’ competitive intelligence team. Abhishek uses market intelligence to help his company make informed strategic decisions based on the latest trends within the pharmaceutical and immunotherapy industry. His number one choice for a market intelligence platform across various companies has been AlphaSense.

Sifting Through an Endless Ocean of Data

Before discovering AlphaSense in 2019, Abhishek says the hardest part of his job was sifting through the vast amount of data available from different sources, which makes it difficult to keep up with new information. “I simply didn’t have time to go through each and every source that came up,” says Abhishek.

“With various platforms I’ve used, real-time information and updates on what’s going on in the industry were hard to come by.”
-Abhishek Chandiramani, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Precision BioSciences

Saving Money and Time with AlphaSense

Time is money. With AlphaSense, Abhishek estimates he is saving close to $70,000 annually, since he doesn’t have to rely on analyst consultants to help him with research. “AlphaSense helps me do the heavy lifting myself,” he says.

For Abhishek, AlphaSense provides a faster and more comprehensive alert system than his team’s other vendors, making it easier to keep up with real-time market events. One of his favorite features is AlphaSense’s AI capability that curates relevant results across multiple sources, giving him results in seconds. Additionally, AlphaSense’s analyst reports and robust dashboard allows him to have an organized view of news, earnings calls, upcoming events, and clinical research milestones. For Abhishek, AlphaSense has become his go-to platform for finding any insights he needs from the public domain, allowing him to focus on translating and strategizing this information.

“We used to spend a lot of time manually tracking news and information across multiple sources, but with AlphaSense, we have a comprehensive platform that brings everything together in one place. This has allowed us to streamline our research process and save a significant amount of time.”

-Abhishek Chandiramani, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Precision BioSciences

In fact, Abhishek says searches that used to take him hours to sift through data now take up a fraction of the time using AlphaSense’s smart search functionality.

“Before AlphaSense, I would have a typical 24 hour turnaround time to collect the information I needed. With AlphaSense, I simply search for key terms related to my project and I’m able to pull up highly specific and relevant information and find the information I need within 30 minutes. Then, I can create my slide within the next hour or so. It’s such a significant time-saving tool.”

-Abhishek Chandiramani, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Precision BioSciences

With AlphaSense as his trusted companion, Abhishek has not only navigated a vast sea of data effortlessly, but has also saved tens of thousands of dollars, proving that the right tool in the hands of an astute professional can unlock limitless possibilities for his industry.

“The AlphaSense platform helps me quickly generate meaningful insights, and those insights are influencing strategic decisions for us on a day-to-day basis. AlphaSense packages information in a way that influences how we remain at the forefront of the competition.”

-Abhishek Chandiramani, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Precision BioSciences

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