How the Top Oil and Gas Companies Use AlphaSense

AlphaSense helps you stay on top of the ever-evolving energy landscape. Using our platform, you can monitor the activity of competitors, governments, and consumers and discover revenue-generating opportunities across new markets faster than ever before. 

Our AI search technology allows you to filter through the noise, mitigate research blindspots, and share market intelligence with your broader organizations.

Here’s how our energy clients use AlphaSense to improve their research processes: 

Market Monitoring

Major trends and regulations are impacting the energy sector, putting pressure on companies to make decisions that keep them ahead of the market. AlphaSense gives you access to leading industry analyst reports which provide both a unique perspective and reliable data on forecasts, outlooks, and trends. Layered with AI search and language variation, you can quickly pinpoint these key data points to validate your recommendations and research.

esg benchmarking

Due Diligence

As the energy transition gains momentum, you need sufficient research subscriptions to assess emerging market opportunities, such as green hydrogen and carbon capture storage. With AlphaSense you can quickly get smart on new markets and pinpoint critical data like TAM, market outlooks, and forecasts found deep in industry analyst reports to ensure you have the most comprehensive analysis.

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Competitive Intelligence

If you want to win the race to net zero, it is crucial to proactively track and monitor your competitors. With AlphaSense’s company recognition, customizable dashboards, and real-time alerts, you can ensure you never miss out on key updates such as investment activity, M&A, or leadership changes, all while benchmarking performance. 

Earnings Prep

Accelerate your earnings research by using AlphaSense’s sentiment analysis to uncover shifts in commentary on relevant companies and topics. Our Smart Search technology also surfaces emerging topics from industry leaders, competitors, and company KPIs, ensuring you have a full-scale understanding of the industry.

Accelerate Your Research Process with AlphaSense

AlphaSense aggregates all the essential market research perspectives you need in one place, so you can have a complete picture of the company profiles, industries, markets, or trends you are researching. 

Combined with proprietary AI and automation functionality not found on other platforms, AlphaSense helps you dramatically increase the breadth, depth, and accuracy of your research. 

Here’s what you get when you use the AlphaSense platform for your market intelligence:

Aggregated Market Research

AlphaSense houses a vast universe of over 10,000 trusted content sources, including but not limited to:

  • Company documents including event transcripts, IRPs, global filings, press releases, company presentations, and ESG reports
  • Industry research from the world’s top financial research firms
  • 35,000+ expert call transcripts with industry expert perspectives from customers, competitors, former employees, partners, and the Energy Information Administration
  • Over 3,000 curated news sources and trade publications including industry journals, market news, and 

Our platform not only houses all of the content you need to make rapid data-driven decisions, it also helps you cut through the noise with advanced search functionality.

Semantic Search

Instead of digging through fragmented reports and alerts, you can rely on our semantic search to ensure you never miss out on critical insights. Our AI search technology automatically recognizes what you are looking for and delivers the results that match the intent behind your query. This means you don’t have to do multiple searches to get the results you need, and you can be more confident in the comprehensiveness and accuracy of your research. 

Sentiment Analysis 

With AlphaSense, you can use AI-based Sentiment analysis to identify, quantify, and analyze levels of emotion within text. Understanding sentiment can help you catch the subtle inflection points in language that move markets and provide early indicators of shifting corporate performance. This feature works in seconds, saving research professionals hours previously spent combing through company documents and expert transcripts for the best insights.

Smart Summaries

Unlike other generative AI (genAI) tools that are focused on consumer users and trained on publicly available content across the web, AlphaSense takes an entirely different approach. As a platform purpose-built to drive the world’s biggest business and financial decisions, our newest  Smart Summaries feature leverages our 10+ years of AI tech development and draws from a curated collection of high-quality business content.

With Smart Summaries, you can glean instant earnings insights—reducing time spent on research during earnings season—and quickly capture outlook for any companies of interest. 

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