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Discovering insights is only the first step. With AlphaSense, you can manage and share the intelligence you collect, quickly and securely, across the entire organization.

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Share knowledge easily

With our Notebook templates and collaboration tools, you can more easily write notes, build a thesis, share info, and collect feedback on your research materials across your team in a secure hosting environment.

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Centralize your notes

Use our advanced markup capabilities to highlight, tag, annotate, or take notes in any document within AlphaSense – all of which are automatically sent to your AlphaSense Notebook.


Analyze filings quickly

With fast, high accuracy table modeling, the AlphaSense table suite enables you to move faster with spreadsheet-style visualizations directly from company filings, so you can chain together, edit, and optimize tables for analysis.

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Extract charts in seconds

Leverage pre-existing data visualizations directly in your deliverables. Using Image Search, you can instantly download charts and images surfaced from broker research reports, company documents, and investor presentations.


Fit us into your existing workflow

AlphaSense works with the apps and tools you already use to help you be more productive with less effort. Connect with integrations to Box, Sharepoint, OneNote, or leverage our API suite to securely upload your proprietary content.

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