Quickly identify both macro and micro insights

Surface insights from tens of millions of data points at the industry, watchlist, and document level to better track market landscape and industry trends, identify disruptive players, and discover competitors’ hidden strategies.

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See insights, instantly

Faster insight into trends

Reduce wasted time on manual research

Greater context into the topics you’re tracking

Document Summarization

Get instant document insights

Get instant summarization of trends and KPIs on individual documents. Document Insights enables you to quickly hone in on the most important insights and snippets within any document.

Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis at scale

Instantly identify negative and positive inflection points in company transcripts. Effortlessly scan transcripts to quickly identify the most positive/negative statements for individual companies, peers, and industries.

Chevron Company topics
Company Topics

Spot trending topics

Find emerging topics across companies, watchlists, and industries. Get up to speed faster by quickly analyzing the most relevant, positive, or negative themes discussed across a company’s transcripts.

Snippet Explorer

Real-time, time machine

Our Snippet Explorer allows users to effortlessly look at a single topic or theme and its mentions across all history in one single view. Use Snippet Explorer to spot important inflections and QoQ changes to identify market-changing strategies before anyone else.

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