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Understand the C-suite’s agenda without having to read entire transcripts

Prep for meetings faster with Smart Summaries for company’s earnings, outlooks, and SWOT analyses from experts

Differentiate your proposal with Expert Insights you can’t find anywhere else

“I use AlphaSense to give me the knowledge that helps me decide whether certain leads are worth pursuing. I am able to find out not only the valuation and financial position of a company, but also highly relevant information on mergers and acquisitions, and this detailed set of knowledge allows me to better focus my efforts.”

Fabiano Lopes, Managing Director, Business Transformation - FTI Consulting

“AlphaSense really helps with savings at a large scale… if we can move at a faster pace from accelerated searches then we could fit more engagements in a year, which means more revenue.”

Managing Director

“You can get event transcripts anywhere, but the speed at which we get them through AlphaSense is astronomical, and it saves us so much time. While we could have purchased these reports and insights from somewhere else, it would have cost us much more in the long run. By subscribing to AlphaSense, we get it all in one place.”

Tanya Humphrey, Co-Founder & Partner, HelloInfo

“I use AlphaSense to consolidate and compare companies, understand trending industry terms, and to add a qualitative layer to financial comps. Moreover, I am able to reference industry reports and metrics more quickly with AlphaSense than with other tools.”

Henry Reynolds, Senior Associate - Boston Consulting Group

Proactively spot client opportunities

Find the most critical business challenges that the C-suite is discussing in earnings calls without having to read full transcripts. Company Topics instantly summarizes the key topics being discussed, including gauging positive and negative sentiments by executives during earnings season.

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Prep for meetings in minutes

Get a 360-view of any prospect or client with Smart Summaries of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, and outlook. Our generative AI is purpose-built to proactively answer the most critical questions with easily verifiable citations to earnings call transcripts, broker research, and expert calls.

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Expert Calls

Avoid blindspots with access to proprietary expert perspectives

Differentiate your proposal with instant access to firsthand accounts of what’s going on behind the scenes for both companies and markets. Access tens of thousands of expert call transcripts from former employees, competitors, customers, suppliers, or partners.

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Competitive Intelligence

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Due Diligence

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Market Landscaping

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Fundamental Research

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Earnings Analysis

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Private Market Intelligence

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