FTI Consulting Uses AlphaSense to Identify New Business Opportunities

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Since its inception, FTI Consulting has been a leader in helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. So much so, they have been named one of the top consulting firms in Forbes for six consecutive years and won numerous other accolades. Valued at nearly $3 billion in 2022, FTI continues to provide world-class strategic advice to the world’s top companies.


FTI’s Business Transformation & Strategy team relies on valuable market intelligence during the business development process to gather information on prospective clients and the most pressing business challenges they face. When evaluating new clients, they not only need access to expert interviews and company documents to learn about the potential client but they also need to understand financial strengths and weaknesses, M&A history, the competitive landscape, and relevant industry trends. Using this information, they identify the consulting services that best address clients’ business challenges and prioritize which opportunities to pursue first. Many of the channels available to perform these types of analyses are inefficient and lack the mining capabilities that FTI needs to gain a deep understanding of their prospective clients.


When FTI began using AlphaSense, they found an all-encompassing library that gave them access to a collection of premium business content spanning multiple industries and companies—fully searchable with an industry-leading AI search engine.

“I use AlphaSense to understand the market for specific industries,” said Fabiano Lopes, a Managing Director in FTI’s Business Transformation practice. “When I set up a call with a potential client, I automatically go to AlphaSense to see the company’s size, the latest news, and the latest quarterly report. AlphaSense also gives me more context, such as whether that company is going through financial hardships, whether they have recently merged with another company, or if they are on the radar of activist investors. That type of specific information allows me to identify opportunities to help these companies streamline their operations, reduce costs, and capture synergies.”

Additionally, FTI uses the AlphaSense expert call transcript library in AlphaSense to uncover insights about a specific market or company directly from an industry expert without having to conduct a call, which in turn, saves time and money.

“I was able to recently find five or six calls covering theme parks which eliminated the need to hire someone to manage industry-specific calls,” Fabiano said. “The expert call content in [Expert Insights] is one of the AlphaSense resources that provides us the insights and signals to know which clients we should go after.”

AlphaSense combines primary and secondary research from different perspectives, including news, company docs, broker research and expert call transcripts to provide FTI with a complete view of a company or set of companies, arming them with valuable knowledge that saves both time and money.

“I use AlphaSense to give me the knowledge that helps me decide whether certain leads are worth pursuing,” he added. “I am able to find out not only the valuation and financial position of a company, but also highly relevant information on mergers and acquisitions, and this detailed set of knowledge allows me to better focus my efforts.”

“AlphaSense and [Expert Insights] help me align the challenges companies are dealing with to the services that FTI offers. I just love AlphaSense. For my market research, it’s brilliant.”

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