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internal content with generative ai


Unlock the Value of Internal Content with Generative AI

Organizations amass inventories of valuable research (i.e., internal decks, memos, meeting notes, customer interviews, research notes)... see post

strategic growth with alphasense
Trends9 min read

Building a Sustainable Growth Strategy With AlphaSense

In a world where change is the only constant, staying on top of emerging trends isn’t merely an option; it’s...
investor relations strategy
Product15+ min read

Building an Effective Investor Relations Strategy

In our volatile market, public companies are testing new approaches that engage their shareholders and simultaneously meet expectations from various...
expert network companies buyers guide
Trends8 min read

The Evolution of Expert Networks

The inception of the traditional expert network model began in the late 1990s where it functioned in connecting researchers to...
esg trends in tmt expert insights
Trends8 min read

Expert Insights: ESG Trends in TMT

As the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) landscape continues to shift and change, its importance to company stakeholders, consumers, and...
AS Blog Fed Inflation Target
Trends8 min read

Implications of the Fed’s Increased Inflation Target

As we inch closer to an increasingly severe degree of economic uncertainty—one many have forecasted as the next recession—financial experts...
value of broker research
Product11 min read

The Value of Broker Research: Insights You Won’t Find Elsewhere

In today’s market, getting ahead of the competition means acting on information before most are even privy to it. Broker...
AS Blog MAtrend 2023
Trends15+ min read

M&A Trends and Outlook for 2024

After three volatile years, rife with challenging macroeconomic conditions—from a global pandemic and wars to far-reaching supply chain issues—the M&A...
consumer and retail companies economic uncertainty
Trends15+ min read

How Consumer and Retail Companies Can Better Navigate Economic Uncerta...

While inflationary and supply chain pressures have eased considerably in the past year, most industries and global regions are still...
Trends9 min read

Student Loan Repayment: Consumer Spending Outlook

During periods of economic instability, the consumer and retail industry usually bears the initial and most substantial brunt. This sector...

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