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Does Blockchain Have a Future in the Oilfield?

There’s a lot of buzz about blockchain these days, especially after the recent Davos conference, where world business leaders talked about the technology’s potential to [...]

How I Use AlphaSense for Equity Research

In my previous posts, I’ve alluded to many benefits of AlphaSense as a platform for equity research. In this post, I would like to showcase [...]

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When Will Baby Boomers Retire to Florida?

Going through primary research is often difficult and time consuming. If someone was building projections based on national population growth, for example, it may be [...]

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How Sales Playbooks Accelerate Growth

In sales, the person with the best process wins. So how do you ensure that all the players on your team are running the right [...]

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Impacts of Government Shutdowns

For some, it might still be a bizarre concept that the government can grind to a halt. However, the event, or at least discussion about [...]

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Design Your Sales Process Around Your Customer’s Buying Process

Did you know there are 2.3 million parts required to assemble a Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Understanding how Boeing manages this process is fascinating: They start [...]

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