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Investment research has transformedgone are the days of manually digging through equity reports and financial statements. In the race to generate alpha, it’s especially important to be equipped with the tools and software that enable faster, more informed decision-making.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of investment research, and AlphaSense is the top market intelligence and search platform for financial professionals leading the edge in their field.

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Financial services

Asset Management

Our AI search technology is designed to help you keep track of macroeconomic events and market-moving trends, so that you can make investment decisions swiftly and with confidence.

With access to broker research, earnings transcripts, SEC filings, and an expert call library with over 40,000 call transcripts, AlphaSense provides everything you need to outperform your benchmark, identify new investment opportunities, and reduce portfolio risk.

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Hedge Funds

You need to maintain your competitive edge and generate returns, no matter the state of the economy.

AlphaSense helps hedge funds identify and vet innovative and promising investment opportunities before the competition.

With premium access to broker research, company news, earnings transcripts, and a robust expert call library, you can research historical company performance, perform earnings season and industry analysis, and conduct due diligence.

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Private Equity

Over one million private companies are indexed on AlphaSense, as well as aftermarket research, industry reports, and a robust expert call library with over 40,000 expert call transcripts.

Using the platform, you can source new deals, perform due diligence, track company valuation progress and change, and understand new industries, market data, and consumers in less time.

Insights from the platform:

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Investment Banking

As an investment banker, you are constantly taking in and analyzing a vast amount of information with a quick turnaround, all so you can pitch the best investment ideas to prospective clients and win new business.

With access to content sets including embargoed research, SEC filings, expert calls, and industry reports, you can filter through the noise and quickly understand the financial landscape.

Use AlphaSense to quickly rationalize financial models and conduct company due diligence and peer competitive analysis. 

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Sell-Side Investment Research

To win big in equity research requires both speed and precision. Reduce the time it takes to analyze data, generate reports, and create presentations by taking advantage of our smart AI technology.

Easily surface relevant insights, set up continuous alerts on relevant topical updates, and accelerate your earnings and company analysis with our proprietary sentiment analysis feature

Venture Capital

You need to validate potential target company information faster than anyone else. By aggregating financial metrics across both public and private competitors, you can validate in less time.

Over one million private companies are indexed in our platform, and AI search technology helps you do a comprehensive audit faster with access to 10,000+ content sourcesall in one place. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without an AI-driven market intelligence tool or smart research management software, investment organizations most commonly run into the following areas of challengetime, processing, and knowledge. 

  • Time: Investment professionals spend too much time on manual search and sifting through vast quantities of data, leaving little time for in-depth analysis.
  • Processing: Investment professionals have access to raw data but often struggle with translating raw data into actionable insights.
  • Knowledge: Even after acquiring the right knowledge for idea-generation and strategy, it is challenging to reliably disseminate that knowledge across the enterprise.

When doing research on companies, industries, markets, or trends, you need to ensure that you get the full picture and understand the topic from multiple viewpoints. 

We’ve identified the following four perspectives as being the most essential in driving critical insights:

  1. The company voice
  2. The analyst voice
  3. The journalist and regulator voice
  4. The expert voice

AlphaSense offers robust content sets from each of these four perspectives:

  • Company documents: We provide access to global and US company documents, including SEC annual, quarterly, and interim filings, press releases, event transcripts, ESG reports, and investor presentations. 
  • Broker research: Our exclusive Wall Street Insights® content set provides access to in-depth research reports from more than 1,500 providers, covering companies, industries, asset classes, and economies. 
  • News and regulatory: This content set includes news from journals and newspapers, trade publications, macroeconomic organizations, regional and global government agencies, and NGOs. 
  • Expert calls: We offer access to over 35,000 expert interview transcripts within our library with insights from executives, competitors, and customers from some of the most closely-guarded companies.

By utilizing these content sets and perspectives, you can always be sure you are truly getting the full picture in your research, no matter what topic, trend, or event you are interested in.

When leveraging traditional search engines, the bulk of one’s time is often spent on painstakingly sifting through sources, many of which are dozens of pages long and can take hours to get through. In order to actually sort through the information and find what you are looking for, you have to rely on CTRL+F to find the one keyword you’re looking for. Without AI recognizing variations in language, you can miss key insights because the search is not picking up on all possible synonyms.  

With AI-based search functionality, you never have to use CTRL+F again because our AI automatically scans documents for keywords that are synonymous and relevant to your original search. That way, you get access to deeper information that would otherwise be impossible to find. You can then reallocate your time from manual work to higher-level analysis and strategic execution.

You need to generate business-impacting ideas and strategies. Beyond simply sourcing insights from individual documents, it’s the larger patterns and trends that emerge from the data that enable you to focus on impactful decision-making. Armed with AlphaSense’s proprietary AI technology and robust content sets from all four perspectives, you can be sure that you are never missing a relevant insight in your research.

Our AI technology helps you connect the dots by aggregating and organizing all the disparate information into one platform, providing summaries for key topics and trends related to your search, and showing how they have trended and changed over time. 

Our AI search technology also shows what companies, industries, and regions are discussing your topic of interest most, and even analyzes whether they are discussing the topic positively or negatively, as well as how that might have shifted over time. Because our platform is continuously monitoring the topics most relevant to your research in real-time, you never miss any new trends, enabling more proactive research.

In order to stay competitive in the market and beat FOMO, you need a powerful research management system that disseminates key insights among stakeholders. That way, everyone is aligned on strategic goals. Further, it ensures crucial insights can be easily  shared and used to their full potential across multiple projects and teams.

With AlphaSense, you get access to collaboration tools like shared editing, commenting, and document highlighting to allow your teams to work together seamlessly. AlphaSense also integrates with multiple APIs that allow you to leverage the platform’s AI technology and high-quality financial data in other domains of the company’s strategy.

And AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence takes collaboration to the next level by allowing you to leverage our platform and generative AI capabilities to discover, share, and interrogate insights from both internal and external content sets.

We make it easy for you to stay up to date on important updates and new information, with features like real-time alerts, customizable company watchlists, and personalized dashboards. With AlphaSense, you are in full control of your monitoring preferences, and you can be the first to know of any important updates about the topics, companies, and industries pertinent to your research.

Additionally, with our proprietary AI features like Smart Synonyms™ and sentiment analysis, you can be more confident than ever in the depth and accuracy of your research, creating a more agile and comprehensive workflow.

AlphaSense delivers key insights, helps streamline processing time, and enables full-scale research strategies for the world’s top organizations:

  • 88% of the S&P 100
  • 80% of the top hedge funds
  • 80% of the top asset management firms
  • 95% of the top consultancies

With AlphaSense, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence and speed. Not only is our user experience consistently ranked best-in-class, but our datasets and AI functionality make us the leading platform for qualitative financial research. 

We offer the technology, content sets, and analysis tools you need to improve your research workflow, enhance operational efficiency, manage risk, and become a leader among your competitors. 

See how AlphaSense compares with some of the top stock and investment research tools.

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