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It started with CTRL+F

CEO and Founder, Jack Kokko, felt the pain of manual research early on. He started his career as an investment banking analyst in Silicon Valley, spending hours CTRL+Fing thousands of PDFs one keyword at a time—just to find a single insight.

Years later at The Wharton School, Jack met his co-founder and CTO, Raj Neervannan, and they were both shocked to realize that the research process and tools available hadn’t changed after all this time. In 2011, Jack and Raj sought to solve this problem by launching AlphaSense, a new type of search engine that leverages machine learning and natural language processing technology to enable professionals to cut through the noise and easily extract insights from thousands of sources and billions of data points.


Empower professionals to make smarter business decisions with confidence and speed


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Meet our Team

Jack Kokko

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Raj Neervannan Raj Neervannan

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Kiva Kolstein

Chief Revenue Officer & President

Melissa Sargeant

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Lynch Stephen Lynch

SVP, Product

Elyse Goodman

Chief of Staff

Robert Magri Robert Magri

Chief Content Officer

Joe Hill Joe Hill

Chief Financial Officer

John Reid-Dodick John Reid-Dodick

Chief People Officer


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$225M in Series D Funding
Led by Goldman Sachs, Viking Global, and debt investment from BlackRock.


Sentieo Acquisition
AlphaSense acquires Sentieo, a financial intelligence platform designed specifically for the investment management industry.


Partnership with Goldman Sachs
This strategic partnership enables Goldman Sachs’ aftermarket research to be exclusively available in AlphaSense.


Stream Acquisition
AlphaSense acquires the market’s broadest and highest-quality expert interview transcript library.

2021 series C party

$180M in Series C Funding
Led by Viking Global and Goldman Sachs, and joined by Morgan Stanley, Citi, Bank of America, Barclays, and more.


Partnership with Citi
AlphaSense formalizes an exclusive partnership with Citi, becoming its only provider of aftermarket research to the corporate market.


Wall Street Insights® launches
AlphaSense partners with the world’s top analyst teams, including Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and many more, to bring equity research to the corporate market.


$50M in Series B Funding
Led by Innovation Endeavors, and including Soros Fund Management, Tribeca Venture Partners, and Triangle Peak Partners, among others.


1000+ Clients Milestone
More than 1000 corporate and financial clients now using the platform


Top 50 AI Start-up
Named “Top 50 Start-up Leading the AI Revolution” by Fortune. Smart Synonyms technology trained for enhanced performance across key industry segments


$33M in Series A Funding
Investors include Tribeca Venture Partners, Triangle Peak Partners, Quantum Strategic Partners (which is managed by Soros Fund Management), the former CEO of Thomson Reuters, as well as other individuals.


Fastest Growing Start-up
Named a “Fastest Growing Company” by Inc Magazine


AlphaSense Launched
Jack Kokko and Raj Neervannan launch AlphaSense.

A Global Company

While our headquarters are in the heart of New York City, we have employees around the world with offices in London, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Pune, Mumbai, and New Delhi.


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