Wealth Management Research with AlphaSense

Across asset classes, Investment teams rely on a mosaic of information to conduct their wealth management research. Quantitative and qualitative insights function in tandem to create a holistic overview of any particular theme, trend, company, or industry—which in turn helps inform an investment hypothesis, affirm convictions, or surface new opportunities. 

Data-driven quantitative research provides a glimpse into the performance, condition, and financial health of a firm. Often sourced from earnings transcripts, broker research, and company filings, it can steer portfolio positioning and/or re-balancing initiatives, or materially impact M&A outcomes.

Qualitative insights—such as those found in company documents, thought leadership, expert perspectives, and regulatory filings—uncover non-numeric data insights and explore subjective aspects, including attitudes, behaviors, motivations, and commentary. Qualitative data is powerful as it adds necessary context to quantitative data, helping researchers gain a more complete perspective on any industry, company, or topic.

Below, we dive into some of the main elements of wealth management research, as well as how to improve and accelerate your workflow in each one:

wealth management research with alphasense

Financial Analysis and Modeling

Leveraging AI capabilities to conduct financial analysis and modeling eliminates the need for manually parsing through document after document to extract insights and aggregate findings in a consumable way. With AlphaSense’s cutting-edge AI technology, investment teams can discover a company’s financial condition with: 

  • Extensive Financial Information – Search a company’s ticker and run thematic searches across broker research and expert transcripts to quickly validate assumptions.
  • Time Series Data Modeling – Filter by SEC filings to access income statements, balance sheets, and more, and then drill down to see and export QoQ data for trend analysis.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Filter by earnings calls and see KPIs highlighted in the panel. Click “Show History” to expand your view to all snippets related to that KPI over time.
  • Streamlining financial auditing and workflow with our Table Explorer feature – This feature allows wealth management firms to generate a historical lookback of a company’s financial performance (broken out quarterly or annually), quickly spot seasonality, and further understand growth trajectory.

wealth management research quarterly report

Portfolio Monitoring

Keeping a pulse on individual companies within a portfolio is easier than ever with AI-driven capabilities. What once took hours can now be accomplished in minutes with generative AI, which streamlines findings in a linear way to allow investment management firms to gain quicker insights, idea generation, and recommendations. 

The ability to surface insights instantly saves investment teams the considerable time it would take to review lengthy documents such as earning reports, broker research reports, and expert perspectives to extract valuable information. With genAI summarization functionality, researchers can simply search for a particular company or industry and surface tidbits of information most relevant to their research. 

AlphaSense’s Smart Summaries is a generative AI tool that draws from our premium content universe and provides an analysis of the positives, negatives, outlook, and Q&A from earnings transcripts—all verifiable with a single click. Beyond just a company’s self-reported results and outlook, you also get summaries of analyst reactions post-earnings call. This enables you to capture the full picture of bullish or bearish reactions, and make recommendations to position your portfolio accordingly.

wealth management research smart summaries

Due Diligence

Centralized, comprehensive due diligence is a critical component of wealth management research and one that can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Having a trusted resource to surface the insights needed in a timely and relevant manner is key to acting on a hypothesis or securing a potential deal. 

In addition to leveraging smart summarization and search tools for due diligence, mapping a market landscape is easier than ever. AlphaSense’s library of aftermarket research includes exclusive reports from Goldman Sachs, and covers a wide breadth of companies, industries, and macroeconomic themes from 1,500+ sell-side and independent firms to level-up due diligence. 

For industry due diligence, AlphaSense offers all the tools necessary to conduct TAM analysis, proper market sizing, industry benchmarking, reputational risk management, management analysis, and more.  Our AI-based capabilities like Smart Synonyms™ and sentiment analysis help capture critical insights across structured and unstructured data sources, helping to get the most out of your research. 

AlphaSense Expert Insights provide meaningful perspectives from industry experts who have actually spent time at an organization. Expert perspectives supplement the due diligence research process with holistic, all-encompassing views to accelerate and justify decision-making, eliminating any unknowns in the process. 

These first-hand insights are unparalleled when it comes to culture, leadership styles, internal motivations and challenges, as well as other intangible factors that can potentially impact an investment placement. 

Our Expert Insights offering includes:

  • Expert Transcript Library – Provides access to over 45,000 expert transcripts with proprietary insights from former executives, customers, competitors, and channel participants across a range of industries
  • Expert Call Services – Access to more than one million pre-qualified expert profiles spanning all industries across the globe. Expert Call Services quickly and inexpensively connect you with experts for customized interviews to fill in any gaps in your research.