How Expert Calls Elevate a Range of Industries

The rise of expert calls has revolutionized how corporate researchers across a range of industries gather insights. While financial services have long recognized the value of expert calls, this invaluable resource is now gaining traction in the corporate world.

AlphaSense, a leading market intelligence platform, offers exceptional expert call tools under the Expert Insights suite of primary research. Corporate personas can gain premium insights on any industry of interest by leveraging Expert Insights through an extensive expert transcript library with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and Expert Call Services.

Below we delve into the use cases of expert calls across a range of industries and how AlphaSense’s Expert Insights has revolutionized primary research for corporate professionals.

Understanding Expert Calls

Expert calls are a direct line to industry experts who have extensive experience in a particular field. These one-on-one calls provide a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into their expertise, extract granular insights, and fill in research gaps. These real-time conversations with subject matter experts enable researchers to unlock relevant insights, new perspectives, market trends, and anticipated challenges.

Expert calls, at their core, are conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, or insiders who possess deep knowledge and insights. Today, expert calls are essential for informed business and investment decisions, offering unparalleled insights that go beyond traditional research methods.

Additionally, transcripts of expert calls serve as a valuable resource for in-depth analysis and when paired with transcript audio, businesses can catch the true inflections of human voice to understand the sentiment of the topic.

Where traditional research models fall short, expert calls provide access to first-hand, up-to-date information that can be invaluable in making informed investment decisions. A fully realized business strategy incorporates expert calls to unlock granular insights that enhance research and maximize return on investment.

The Role of Expert Insights

Leveraging expert calls via transcripts or through Expert Call Services plays a critical role in corporate research because business decisions hinge on speed, accuracy, and confidence. AlphaSense’s Expert Insights helps users gather comprehensive information on key industries, market movers, product developments and more to equip you with the necessary intelligence to outperform your competitors.

Expert Insights provides access to an expert transcript library of over 30,000 transcripts and Expert Call Services to create one-on-one custom interviews with industry experts. AlphaSense’s fast and streamlined process makes it easy to connect with quality experts from within the platform itself or through Expert Call Services.

Corporate personas can find the information they need faster with AlphaSense’s powerful AI technology and platform features to surface relevant experts from quality transcripts. Moreover, Expert Call Services allows you to extract premium insights from industry experts that understand the unique intricacies of their respective industries.

For instance, in corporate development, professionals can quickly find transcripts of past mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the expert transcript library to identify trends and strategies employed by successful deals. Then businesses can leverage the “Talk to This Expert” platform feature to initiate an expert call to connect with corporate personas and extract granular insights for comprehensive business strategization.

Utilizing these expert call methods can allow you to detect market signals before competitors and give you the leading edge. For example, leveraging expert transcripts on M&A deals may hint at future trends or enable you to spot shifts in corporate behavior.

By unlocking the full value of Expert Insights, corporate personas can become subject matter experts in their organizations within seconds.

Expertise Across Industries

AlphaSense’s Expert Insights provides expert coverage across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: consulting, consumer & consumer packaged goods, energy, financial services, industrials, life sciences, and technology, media & telecom (TMT.) The platform helps professionals uncover critical information that can drastically influence the decision-making processes for investments and business strategies.

AlphaSense’s Expert Call Services has transformed the way various industries operate. Let’s take a closer look at some key sectors where expert calls have become indispensable:

  • TMT – With new technologies and competitors changing daily, AlphaSense helps you find crucial company and market data faster across an extensive universe of content. Corporations can leverage expert calls to gain insights into disruptive technology trends, which position them to adapt and innovate swiftly.
  • Life Sciences – In the healthcare sector, expert calls provide timely insights about clinical trials, drug approvals, disease research, and regulatory changes, enabling companies to make informed decisions regarding product development and market entry.
  • Consumer – Consumer preferences are ever-changing, and expert insights can guide product development and marketing strategies. Companies in the consumer sector use expert calls to gauge consumer preferences, track market trends, and identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Industrials – With AlphaSense, researchers can access the latest market perspectives through expert calls to track how industry trends, like new developments in machinery or air freight logistics, will impact your business and your bottomline and stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Energy – Expert calls help companies in the energy sector navigate complex regulatory environments, assess the impact of renewable energy, and make informed decisions about resource allocation. One-on-one expert calls can provide critical information about the energy market, helping companies adapt to changing demand and supply dynamics.
  • Financial Services – Financial institutions leverage expert calls to gather real-time insights and understand economic forecasts, regulatory changes, and investment opportunities. These insights are critical in managing portfolios, informing investment strategies, and assessing risks.

Expert Call Services caters to diverse industry requirements to ensure that researchers are connected with the right experts to fulfill their specific research needs to formulate effective business strategies. By integrating Expert Call Services into AlphaSense, researchers can access specialized information that is typically too niche to be grasped by a single call transcript. 

Expanding Your Primary Research with Expert Insights

AlphaSense has revolutionized the power of primary research with the addition of Expert Insights, offering additional access to expert call transcripts and custom interviews. This, combined with the other content sets within the platform, provide you with the most robust and comprehensive research platform in the world.

In addition to the aggregation of content into one platform, AlphaSense’s AI search technology allows researchers to eliminate manual research and quickly parse through documents in order to efficiently gather quality insights on any industry or topic. When combined with our award-winning, patented AI, the expert transcript library and Expert Call Services are a vital resource for corporate start-ups, competitive intelligence, and corporate development.

For example, corporate researchers can conduct initial financial research using AlphaSense, then explore expert transcripts for premium insights, and finally leverage Expert Call Services for tailored insights. This synergetic approach empowers any corporate persona to become a subject matter expert and lead their organizations to make more informed, data-driven decisions across any industry.

Leverage Expert Insights and become a subject matter expert on any industry. Start your free trial today.

Ees Qureshi
Ees Qureshi
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Ees is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense and responsible for elevating the brand of Expert Insights, a unique content set of alternative data, through the power of storytelling. Previously, Ees has been a seasoned copywriter across various industries throughout his career and also authored “masala chai,” an illustrated poetry book capturing his journey as a South Asian minority in America.

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