5 Reasons to Use Expert Call Services

AlphaSense’s Expert Insights is a centralized source for institutional investors by providing access to a large database of interviews and personalized calls with industry experts conducted by investment analysts.

Our Expert Call Services provide investment researchers with the opportunity to speak directly with industry experts, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of a company, its products, and its place within a market.

This effective research method allows you to extract granular insights directly from industry experts to fill in research gaps in investment strategies. Below we explore the top five reasons to use Expert Call Services to elevate your primary investment research.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Expert Call Services

1. Access Thousands of Credible Expert Sources

AlphaSense’s Expert Insights database of over one million experts is constantly growing. Presently, over 30,000 transcripts have been made available in our library and less than 3% of our expert network has been utilized for expert call interviews. Ultimately, this means that 97% of the database is still ready to be tapped into for deeper insights.

You may easily discover the ideal expert for your research needs while directly browsing through the transcript library of pre-vetted expert interviews. However, if you don’t find the perfect match in the available transcripts, submit a research request and a dedicated AlphaSense research manager will seek out the perfect expert for your research subject.

Our team will diligently search the remaining 97% of the database in tandem to actively recruit net new experts for every research project—typically within 48 hours. 

With AlphaSense, you have access to our premium Experts Insights via our:

  • Fast expert sourcing and personal call scheduling
  • Database of over 1,000,000 pre-vetted experts
  • Reliable expert vetting process for relevant interviews
  • Pre-publishing screening process for high quality transcripts

With access to thousands of credible expert sources via Expert Call Services, the research potential for expert insights is limitless.

2. Higher ROI on Expert Insights Research

AlphaSense is revolutionizing the way expert calls are done by integrating a library of expert call transcripts with Expert Call Services. The scale of our library allows us to offer Expert Call Services at a much lower cost compared to traditional expert networks. Using the combined product, you can obtain significantly more expert insights for every dollar spent.

With premium access to AlphaSense, researchers can quickly navigate our expert transcript library with the power of AI and pinpoint opportunities to engage with experts one-on-one for personalized insights. Additionally, each custom expert call comes with an interview transcription and its audio at no additional cost. This packaged suite is available for 40% less than what you would pay for 20 calls in a traditional expert network model.

AlphaSense provides pricing transparency by offering a flat rate of $400 per expert call, irrespective of the expert’s profile. Other market intelligence platforms operate on a variable cost model, where costs depend on the perceived quality of experts (ie. c-level executives, doctors, etc.) ranging from $500-$1,000 per expert. With Expert Call Services, you’re assured the most cost-efficient expert calls in the industry.

Although thousands of interview transcripts are added per month in AlphaSense’s ever-growing library, the monthly subscription is a fixed rate. Plus with lower cost per one-on-one call, Expert Insights is the ultimate primary research package to optimize your research budget and maximize your ROI.

3. Build a 360 Degree View of a Company or Topic

The AlphaSense expert transcript library possesses a wide range of operators that allow you to capture insights from every perspective across any role or level. Our platform allows you to seek out transcripts from beyond the C-level executives and vice presidents to those who have worked in more operational roles, such as engineers, lab technicians, and sales representatives.

After identifying relevant experts, you can expand your research by scheduling expert calls to garner insights from external perspectives, including those of customers, competitors, suppliers, and distributors. Leveraging these fresh perspectives can equip researchers with a comprehensive view by learning firsthand perspectives on the strength, weaknesses, and potential of any company or topic.

Leveraging Expert Call Services allows researchers the opportunity to dive even deeper on a target subject to pinpoint topics quickly and fill in research gaps for a complete 360 degree view. For example, take this quote from Nitin Sacheti, the founder and portfolio manager of Papyrus Capital:

“What you are doing with call services really helps to go mile wide a lot faster and easier and more flexibly and then figure out when to zero in.”

– Nitin Sacheti, Founder and Portfolio Manager | Papyrus Capital

Expert Call Services equips researchers with the competitive edge to outperform their competitors by making well-informed business decisions.

4. Identify New Experts with Powerful AI Search Technology

AlphaSense’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) search technology allows you to easily uncover industry experts from our vast collection of expert interviews using Smart Summaries, Smart Synonyms™, and automated alerts. By leveraging purpose-built AI search technology, you can quickly surface relevant expert transcripts and find the perfect expert to engage in a custom interview call with.

The platform quickly surfaces transcripts with experts of your desired expertise, background, role and perspective for your next call as follows:

  1. First, populate the transcripts you need with ease using search filters, Smart Synonyms™, sentiment analysis, and automated alerts.
  2. Then, leverage Smart Summaries to generate accurate summarizations with generative AI (genAI) technology for crucial insights from experts at a glance.
  3. Finally, click the “Talk to this Expert” button on a transcript to initiate Expert Call Services and capture the nuanced insights and personalization that only human experts can offer. 

Utilizing AlphaSense’s AI allows you to extract quality expert insights through a simple search query plus the opportunity to dive beyond the transcript by scheduling a personalized expert call.

5. Make Confident Decisions with Compliant Content

To ensure the quality and accuracy of our expert transcript content, AlphaSense has implemented a strict compliance process overseen by our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with over 20 years of experience. This process includes thorough verification of experts and a comprehensive review of each transcript before it is published.

Our team of hand-picked compliance reviewers have collectively reviewed more than 30,000 transcripts in the past two years, giving you the assurance that the research content you are using is safe and reliable.

Expert Call Services offer protection against exposure to confidential or material non-public information (MNPI) by arranging for a seasoned analyst to conduct the call on your behalf, ensuring your firm’s ability to trade on related positions.

AlphaSense’s due diligence and compliance process provides you with:

  • Best-in-class compliance standards
  • Customized access to meet your policies
  • Concierge brokered call services

Furthermore, Expert Call Services can connect you with experts who are able to offer insights into potential legal challenges and regulatory changes so that you can make well-informed decisions in confidence. Experts with legal expertise can offer alternative perspectives to investment researchers that may help identify industry-specific risks, evaluate potential red flags, and develop risk mitigation strategies. 

How to Leverage Expert Call Services

expert call services for investment research

You can utilize Expert Call Services by either scheduling your own calls via the “Talk to This Expert” feature within the platform or hiring experienced analysts at AlphaSense to conduct brokered calls on your behalf.

The second option allows you to rely on the expertise of seasoned analysts who have a deep understanding of the industry and the companies within it. In either case, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of a company to make well-informed investment decisions by asking experts curated questions and extracting personalized insights to fill in research gaps. 

Both options provide you with an assigned AlphaSense research manager that will formulate targeted interview questions with you to extract the insights you need. This allows you to create the perfect interview and gather tailored information that aligns with your investment strategy and mapping.  

Below is a summary of the pricing model for AlphaSense’s Expert Insights package:

  • Expert transcript library – annual subscription model
    • Over 30,000 total transcripts
    • Thousands of transcripts added per month
    • Buy-side analysts interviewing industry experts
  • Expert Call Services – priced per call / bundles of calls (must be a subscriber)
    • Follow-up calls with any expert in the library 
    • Personalized 1:1 calls, where we locate the expert you want to interview
    • Brokered calls, 1:1 calls conducted by one of our top interviewers on your behalf

The combination of AlphaSense’s expert transcript library and Expert Calls Services allows investment researchers to optimize their primary research budget and unlock their maximum research potential. 

Schedule your next expert call interview today with AlphaSense.

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Ees Qureshi
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