Siemens Market Intelligence levels up their research

The company

For Market Intelligence leader Bob Nelson, research is an integral part of supporting Siemens’ mission at the forefront of digital transformation. Primarily focused on factory and process automation, Bob analyzes economic factors, tracks the competitive landscape and understands market trends in order to guide and direct business leaders on how to move.

The challenge

Among the team’s ongoing efforts is a monthly leadership report that summarizes recent M&A activities as well as tracking updates on peers. Historically, Bob used Google alerts to track developments for the monthly report, but there was so much noise in the alerts that he had to sift through an overwhelming amount of low-quality information to get to the most critical insights. His research process also involved accessing paid research and scouring the internet for information, an activity that often left him frustrated by paywalls and daunted by the task of manually searching through hundred-page reports. In seeking a new solution, Bob was looking to reduce multi-channel friction in the research process and gain access to a wide range of premium content in one place.

“AlphaSense simplifies the task of search. I feel like I would be missing things by not logging in.”

Bob Nelson
Market Intelligence Leader, Siemens Market Intelligence


Since adopting AlphaSense for research, Bob and his team are seeing the following results:

  • Smart Alerts: “In the past, it would take several days to go through hundreds of Google alerts,” Bob says. Since changing to AlphaSense, Bob set up a Watchlist for the companies he’s following and looks through specific time frames to surface the most relevant information for a time period. He now finds more relevant information faster and has more confidence that nothing is falling through the cracks. “Going through 1000 Google alerts is busy work. Now I feel like I can do more high value activities and less monotonous tasks to achieve the same results,” he says.
  • Advanced Research: Bob leverages AlphaSense Wall Street Insights to access a range of valuable broker research reports on emerging market opportunities, including Barclays and Credit Suisse. The broad coverage of brokers allowed in Wall Street Insights increased his access to premium content and he found that the quality of insights he was able to extract through ground-breaking AI and natural language keyword search “saves tons of time,” he mentions. Consuming research in AlphaSense not only expedites his process, it also improves both the quantity and quality of insights.

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