A Fortune 500 medical device leader produces higher quality analysis

The company

The strategy team at a Fortune 500 medical device company is tasked with providing unbiased, data-driven recommendations to guide the long-term strategic direction of the company.

The challenge

A new markets product manager on the team is tasked with analyzing existing and future market opportunities, monitoring the competitive landscape within product categories, and providing detailed recommendations to support investment strategy. The manager acts as an internal consultant on multiple projects and timelines simultaneously and needs to get smart –fast — on each unique subject to provide executives with recommendations for big opportunities.

“I’m going to get the project done in the same amount of time, but now I feel like I am producing more compelling, quality work. It’s a matter of being able to say I pulled perspectives from 20 sources vs. 10…it changes my confidence from moderate to high.”

Markets Product Manager


This manager was seeking a research platform that would provide him autonomy in his research process, allowing him to immediately dive into research once a project is assigned and search across multiple content sources in one place.

Speed and efficiency with comprehensive results: Now powered by AlphaSense’s intelligent search engine, the manager both feels more confident in the depth of his analyses, and he has cut down his research time significantly.

All the content you need, in one place: Prior to AlphaSense, the manager often found himself searching for IR presentations, SEC filings and other company materials in different places across the web. Not only was this process time-consuming, he often found it challenging to find information that was more than two quarters old. Now when he’s conducting competitive intelligence, he can easily navigate through over a decade’s worth of company documents and transcripts to understand how a company speaks about a topic over time. Speaking about a competitor’s Investor Day transcript from 4 years ago, he noted, “There’s no way I could have gotten that before.”

Beyond access to historical company documents the manager has found valuable information embedded within broker research, which was challenging to access prior to adopting AlphaSense.

Access to high-value content sets: In his role, this manager often has to get smart on a new topic very quickly. Prior to AlphaSense, he often found himself turning to educational sites like Khan Academy to get an overview of the topic. Now, when he’s asked to understand a new market or device type, he turns to the broker research available via the Wall Street Insights collection in AlphaSense. Specifically, he finds initiation reports to be particularly helpful in getting a view of a market he’s not already familiar with.

Comprehensive analysis: Because this manager works on multiple projects with differing deadlines across a breadth of topics, the fear of missing information is never far away. “There have been times in the past that I have spent a whole day to confirm that someone has never said something on the topic. That’s hours to confirm that a piece of information is not there,” he shares. With AlphaSense, he feels more comfortable knowing that he has seen all the right information in order to present the most compelling analysis to his team.

He admits, “I’ve also found things I didn’t even know were out there. There’s no way I would have found it before.” With this newfound confidence, Stephen feels like he is producing more quality work. While he’s found that the depth of AlphaSense’s content gives him confidence, he’s also noticed that he’s more efficient in his workflow.

Efficiency pays dividends: Previously, the manager relied on another team to pull analyses and send him reports – which would sometimes take 1-2 days to receive. He would then manually comb through PDFs for insights, leveraging CTRL+F and hoping to find the information he was after. With AlphaSense, he notes that he has the ability to access “the same information in 5 minutes.” When asked what he does with his saved time, the manager shares, “I’m going to get the project done in the same amount of time, but now I feel like I am producing more compelling, quality work. It’s a matter of being able to say I pulled perspectives from 20 sources vs. 10…it changes my confidence from moderate to high.”

In alleviating the burden of manual research, this leading analyst has increased his efficiency while eliminating fears of missing information and gaining confidence in his analyses. Rather than spending hours to confirm that a single data point does not exist, he is able to reallocate his time to source valuable information that he may not have found before. With an improved ability to deliver meaningful analysis and recommendations to his leadership, this manager is more effective at driving the strategies that power the future of the company.

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