3M overcomes information overload with AlphaSense

The company

3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. The Global Strategy and Market Development team is both visionary and practical, charting the course for 3M’s innovation and bringing that vision down to an operational reality.

The challenge

With the guidance of Cody Coonradt, Senior Manager of Global Strategy & Market Development, the team was seeking tools to help them understand and characterize big trends.  One of the challenges that the team faces is the volume of information that they have to consume and synthesize. “We end up with this information graveyard where everything’s buried in a folder structure or on a shared drive or on someone’s computer and it was hindering us from getting the information that we knew we had but we couldn’t find it, and we couldn’t get to it” says Coonradt.  They turned to AlphaSense to overcome the challenges of information overload.




With AlphaSense, the team is accelerating their efforts and has increased their speed to insight, giving them the ability to be more responsive to business leaders and their executive team. 

All the information you need, in one place: “I think one of the things we’re most excited about with AlphaSense was the ability to put all of that information in one place, to have an index, and to have it searchable.” The speed allows the team to be more responsive to business leaders, the operating committee and the executive team. “It’s really been a game changer for us. In this strategic and market role you’re often looking for one piece of really obscure information to build an economic model or to solve a question. AlphaSense was the perfect tool to find this information, synthesize this information, consolidate it, and share it. It felt like it was built for us.” 

Effortless collaboration: “One of the things that’s made us better at sharing content is I can go and I can highlight a specific section of a document and then share that document highlighted with another coworker on the platform.” The team finds that being able to annotate the document, highlight it, and add any comments, all in one place has made collaboration seamless. “We have that nice historical record and it’s not just kind of buried in email or lost. It’s been a huge benefit to us since we’ve instituted the platform.” 

Easy-to-use interface: “I come from a software product development background and interface and ease of use win every time. AlphaSense is a nice modern web product–it’s really easy to use and it’s a lot easier to get to the real content that we need and to really cut through a lot of the noise in the information. It’s not just the time savings it’s the lack of frustration – I’m not fighting the tool to get what I need; I’m able to use the tool to do what I actually want to get done when we’re spending all our time doing reporting we’re not spending our time driving healthcare forward.” 

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