KEMET accelerates Investor Relations research

The company

As a leading global supplier of electrical components, KEMET has a longstanding tradition of superior service and quality for its product line of 5 million distinct part configurations. The corporation is also an early leader in social and economic sustainability sourcing for materials. The KEMET Investor Relations team of two is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a mandate to support the organization with earnings coordination, roadshows, and presentations. 

The challenge

Particularly during earnings season, there’s a massive need to coordinate small details to ensure a smooth earnings season with flawlessly scripted communications happening in a timely fashion. 

Historically, the KEMET IR team relied on Google searches, community bulletin boards, and the NIRI website to conduct earnings research and other IR tasks. 

“AlphaSense is heaven-sent. I’m both finding information faster and finding new information that I would have missed before. It’s super convenient.”

Ariell Salazar
Investor Relations Specialist


Given the accelerating demands of the business, and the fast-paced nature of earnings prep, the team started using AlphaSense as a way to level up their research. Liberated from manual research, Ariell Salazar, KEMET’s Investor Relations Specialist, is now able to reallocate her time to strategic work such as creating presentations and developing earnings communications and uncover the right information, faster.

  • Streamlined processes & meeting deadlines early: The team set up daily alerts to remain updated on news/updates related to KEMET as well as key peers. Now, instead of searching for information in a reactive way, the team is aware of critical information as it is published and able to move fast to prioritize efforts accordingly.
  • Data-driven earnings research: The team now weaves in AlphaSense Sentiment as part of earnings prep. By studying both KEMET’s past transcripts and looking at competitor’s transcripts to analyze the statements and positioning, Ariell and team are better prepared for remarks for next earnings and can analyze the connection between sentiment and stock prices.
  • Comprehensive research: Traditionally the team only referenced investor decks, but since using AlphaSense is finding value in scouring filings like 8Ks, 10Qs, and press releases. Given the ease of keyword searching and filtering by industry, they’re able to work faster and with more confidence knowing that no critical data points have been missed.

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