How a CI leader delivers more insight and searches less

The company

This aerospace company has a mandate to use innovation to drive better client service and technologies. With thousands of patents, and tens of thousands of scientists on staff, the competitive intelligence team exists to provide in-depth research and strategic insights across the organization.

The challenge

The competitive intelligence team leader describes his work as a discipline that draws on as much content and data as possible to build a picture of competitors that will help anticipate their actions and reactions to industry and market forces. “As a CI practitioner, at any given time we’re asked to peel the onion back on issues that we’ve never heard of before,” he says. Given the unstructured nature of the work, his team’s research process varies quite a bit. Traditionally, their process has included searching niche databases in addition to leveraging legacy search platforms. They found themselves frustrated by an inability to sort and filter results or run advanced searches, as well as the outsize expense of legacy tools that weren’t adding enough value. 

“Search by itself is a low-value activity. The ability to withdraw the insight is the value add. Pulling the insight out is what they’re paying me for.”

Competitive Intelligence Team Leader


Looking for a search solution aligned to the spirit of innovation that drives their work, the team turned to AlphaSense. With AlphaSense, they discovered the value of layering robust search capabilities on top of high-value content sets such as press releases, investor presentations and in particular, equity research. 

  • High impact equity research: With AlphaSense’s Wall Street Insights, the team is able to access a mix of real-time and embargoed research from a broad range of analysts. Insights gleaned from equity research drive every single aspect of the CI team’s work. “At the end of the day, there are equity analysts whose sole purpose in life is to conduct due diligence and talk to management and create expert insights about companies. However long they spend creating these reports is time that me and my team don’t need to spend. These analytics can help surface major strengths and weaknesses for competitors,” says the team’s leader.
  • Efficient workflow: The team also found particular value in the user interface of AlphaSense, which allows them to run thematic searches on equity research content and then move seamlessly among the document results, drill into the relevant snippets of documents, and hone in on what matters. This accelerates their research time in a profound way and allows them to focus on translating the insights they’ve discovered into strategic recommendations for leadership. “Search by itself is a low-value activity. The ability to withdraw the insight is the value add. Pulling the insight out is what they’re paying me for,” he says.

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