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The company

As a market leader with a rich history of innovation, it comes as no surprise that the IR team at a leading manufacturer in hand and power tools is using an intelligent search platform to expedite and augment their research process.

As Lead Category Manager, Lana, alongside the rest of the Investor Relations team, is tasked with uncovering risks and assessing potential opportunities. Reporting to the CFO, Lana and the IR team conduct research for Earnings and beyond, supporting executives with ad hoc requests.

The challenge

One of the most critical aspects of Lana’s work is researching peer activities. Her findings are packaged into scorecards that document what peers reported in the previous quarter and how they trended for organic growth, taking into account any relevant commentary, headwinds and tailwinds. To inform her scorecard research, she leverages a variety of content sets—including company presentations, event transcripts and equity research—to help her uncover relevant insights into companies and the impact of macro trends on her peer set.

Historically, the team had limited access to certain brokers that caused certain pain points associated with that process. For starters, the equity research reports were delivered via email, which made it almost impossible to search through old reports and extract value from them. This manual process also required her to download and skim an entire report in the hopes of identifying key insights. In addition, she and the team lacked access to a comprehensive set of equity research, relying on the analysis of a few brokers with limited coverage.

AlphaSense is a more simplified way to search and find information faster.”

Lana F.
Lead category manager


Improved breadth and depth of equity research: Access to a larger set of premium equity research through Wall Street Insights builds confidence that the team is in not missing crucial insights. Research such as RBC’s economic reports, which the team would not otherwise have access to via their own entitlements, enhance the team’s analysis. The team finds additional value in leveraging the industry expertise in analyst coverage to track topics that they are closely following.

Increased speed to insight: The ability to pin-point relevant information through intuitive search features that recognize synonyms for common business terms not only increases the speed of her process, but allows Lana to uncover richer insights. In consuming research in AlphaSense’s interface as opposed to using a tool like Bloomberg, Lana is able to navigate through a large volume of documents in a short amount of time. This reduces her reliance on referencing multiple resources and sorting through dozens of open tabs, enabling her to be far more efficient with her time.

Improved workflow: The team applies Alerts each day at 4pm to summarize the daily market moves and keep on top of how short-term trends impact long-term strategies. Lana also takes advantage of AlphaSense’s annotation and Notebook capabilities to streamline her workflow all in one platform.

White glove service: When Lana needs to create a complex search query or dive deeper into AlphaSense functionality, she is able to connect immediately with her Account Manager or Product Specialist. She’s found additional value in the team’s speed and attention to detail in customizing her experience.

Through embracing intelligent search in her workflow, Lana is able to uncover critical information faster than ever before and help inform her company’s most strategic initiatives with confidence.

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