How Table Explorer Can Streamline Your Financial Auditing and Modeling Workflow

For analysts, auditing financial performance or starting a financial model often means spending hours, if not a week, aggregating and validating historical performance. A surplus of time is wasted on manually aggregating or calculating historical financials and metrics. In the world of financial services, corporate development, and consulting, minutes are money, which is why it’s critical to optimize and streamline how you get your work done. 

That’s where our latest feature comes in: Table Explorer. Table Explorer eliminates the need to manually collect data, allowing you to more quickly double-check the numbers in Excel—effectively, making it easier to identify quantitative insights faster. Via Table Tools, AlphaSense significantly expedites extracting valuable data from tables in SEC filings, broker reports, and other content sets, so that you can quickly leverage your quantitative analysis and build better financial models.

Below, learn how Table Explorer helps you speed up analysis and build better financial models in less time.

A Tool for You

Table Explorer’s capabilities within AlphaSense can simplify workloads for professionals across a slew of industries, from financial services to consulting and corporate development. Discover how this feature can transform the most tedious and time-consuming labor into snap-of-the-fingers tasks. 

Financial Services

With Table Explorer, conducting company due diligence and initiating coverage becomes that much easier. Generate a historical lookback of a company’s financial performance, broken out quarterly or annually, to get a broad understanding of financial performance, quickly spot seasonality, or better understand growth trajectory. Better yet, speed up your earnings analysis by quickly identifying noteworthy items in quarterly performance without manually spreading financials.

table explorer
Table Explorer offers various options so you can customize your Excel preferred view. Access the “Customize” dropdown to select the cell content, the position of the Full Year column, and the sorting and grouping of years and quarters.

For various trend analyses, Table Explorer allows you to dive into specific footnote disclosures (e.g.,performance by product, breakdown by geography, or the debt schedule) for nuanced insights. Take it a step furtherbuild better financial modeling by digging into quantitative analyses that validates your assumptions and export numbers into Excel to assist with historical parts of financial models.

There’s no room for mistakes in your financial analysis. With Table Explore, users find confidence in their numbers with the platform’s ability to audit for accuracy. Further, all restated numbers are highlighted, line by line, for your convenience—allowing you to toggle between your restated and original numbers with a single click.

Management Consulting 

Building a cohesive proposal, especially one that requires a quick turnover, can be an overwhelming job that relies on sourcing information from a handful of outlets. With Table Explorer, you can get smart on a prospect’s financial health from major SEC filings (10-Ks and 10-Qs) and analyze a set of competitors’ financial performance or health across historical periods to build benchmarks or understand relative performance.

In management consulting, potentially the most valuable skill is identifying areas of opportunity. With Table Explorer, find financial drivers from summary financial statements (e.g., consolidated income statement and balance sheet) or dive into specific footnote disclosures for more focused analyses that can lead to lucrative investments or sizeable cost cutting. 

table explorer
Use Quarterize to convert YTD numbers to quarterly to save time when analyzing cash flow statements or any other tables reported in 3M, 6M, 9M, and 12M format. Similarly, you can configure the table to have the fourth quarter display the FY-YTD number via the Q4 Columns dropdown.

Rely on AlphaSense to help with quantitative analysis and back up assumptions with informative findings, while exporting numbers into Excel to assist with the historical parts of financial models.

Corporate Development

Allow Table Explorer to help you accelerate the process of creating company profiles with segmented financials, cost centers, growth projections and valuations and, consequently, make recommendations on M&A, partnership, or investment opportunities.

Table Explorer helps analyze and evaluate key peers and competitors more thoroughly, consequently leading you to make more informed decisions on business strategy.

AlphaSense Against the Competition

We know where we stand against our competitors. AlphaSense is the only platform where users have the ability to view an Excel table and original source in a single pane—a critical capability to being effective and efficient.  Not only does this keep you ahead of the competition, it is a feature that is unavailable by other financial research platforms.

CapIQ, FactSet, and Bloomberg—these platforms provide easy access to historical data from the main financial statements, and their default view is standardized with the option to view “as-reported” numbers. However, it is not guaranteed that users can create tables from supplemental charts and footnotes, meaning there is no quick way to go back to original sources to check your numbers. Further, restatements are available but are not trackable line-by-line.

Table Explorer offers the following capabilities that our competitors cannot match: 

  • Compile data from SEC filings instantly: Table Explorer automatically stitches tables together to create a single historical table of any financial table in SEC filings(10Q/K, 8K, 20F, 40F), eliminating the need to copy and paste standalone data
  • Audit your numbers with ease: View the original source of each number with a single click
  • Visualize your data: Automatically generate a visual graph of any numerical data in Table Explorer
  • Accelerate your analysis: Eliminate time wasted analyzing noisy financials with the ability to toggle between original and restated numbers

Take the Lead with Artificial Intelligence

Increasingly, professionals are embracing market intelligence platforms to find the insights they need faster. AlphaSense sets itself apart from the competition by providing access to over 10,000 business-grade sources, including a rich collection of premium equity research—as well as AI capabilities that expedite and enhance your research.

Start your free trial of AlphaSense today to learn how our proprietary AI and premium features can set you apart from your competition.

Su Kim
Su Kim

An educator and strategist by training, Su Kim is the Product Marketing Manager for the Financial Services vertical at AlphaSense. Previously, she managed a client portfolio of S&P 100 companies in the industrials sector in one of the top 3 banks in the U.S.

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