How AlphaSense Is Building GenAI Capabilities for the Modern, Security Conscious Enterprise

In 2015, 30% of the world’s data was created by enterprises, and by 2025 that figure is expected to double. According to a survey of 1,500 global enterprise companies, about two-thirds of the data they generate never gets leveraged. One study found knowledge workers spend an average of 2 hours daily looking for information. When workers can’t find the information they need, they end up wasting time building knowledge that already exists somewhere in the organization. At AlphaSense, we are passionate about solving for this knowledge gap. 

AlphaSense has led the market intelligence industry for more than a decade with our AI-powered search function to help customers make smarter and faster business decisions. With the explosion of generative AI (genAI), we’ve combined the power of proprietary LLMs with our market research content to create capabilities like Smart Summaries and AlphaSense Assistant

With our newest Enterprise Intelligence offering, our genAI capabilities unlock the potential of internal content sets like client presentations, internal research, meeting notes, CIMs, chats, emails, and earnings recaps, to name a few. Below, we peel back a layer and share a technical overview of the platform’s workings and how it’s purpose-built for reliability within workflows that have no tolerance for knowledge gaps or wrong information. 

Enterprise search is more than access to and ownership of data—it provides the ability to continuously learn at scale from the content, make it easy to discover content, explain outcomes based on learnings, audit and validate the output, provide the means to collaborate, and ultimately empower knowledge workers to make faster and smarter decisions with confidence. 

Building on an AI Market Intelligence Solution

enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise

AlphaSense has over 4,000 enterprise clients, many of which are financial institutions and have seen the value of our market intelligence product first-hand. AlphaSense is positioned to help organizations aggregate their internal content and provide intelligent answers and summarizations at scale.

AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence Framework

The International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Future of Enterprise Intelligence practice defines enterprise intelligence as an organization’s capacity to obtain knowledge, combined with its ability to synthesize the information it needs in order to learn and to apply the realized insights at scale. AlphaSense is built from the ground up on four major pillars that are foundational to a true enterprise intelligence solution: 

  • Information Synthesis: By analyzing and evaluating information from various sources, our platform makes the connection between the recently acquired information with prior knowledge to create something new 
  • Insights Delivery: Focus on making actionable and contextual insights accessible to users at all levels and functions within the organization
  • Continuous Learning: Using genAI and customizable LLMs, our platform can put together a comprehensive approach to observation, learning, reflection, and knowledge access 
  • Data Security: Protecting a firm’s digital assets from unauthorized access from internal and external actors protects every layer of the technology stack, and ensures the data is not deleted, exfiltrated, or compromised

genai security conscious enterprise chart 3

System Architecture Options

Enterprise intelligence solutions can be implemented as either software as a service (SaaS) or a self-hosted private cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure).

genai security conscious enterprise chart 1

SaaS Platform (Public Cloud): 

There are many benefits to choosing the SaaS model, primarily the ease of onboarding users and content. Additionally, the SaaS model is fully supported and managed by AlphaSense with around the clock technical support. Please refer to the Platform Overview Guide for in-depth details of our SaaS architecture. The benefits of an enterprise intelligence platform across both SaaS and private cloud solutions include:

  • Security: With ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certification, AlphaSense meets the highest industry security standards to give our clients the peace of mind they are looking for when entrusting us with their data. On a private cloud platform, your internal content is fully contained within your network and therefore complies with your data governance and security policies. All remaining data are encrypted with 140-2 standard encryption, and supports SAML 2.0. We conduct regular, accredited third-party penetration testing on all our platforms and you can learn more about our comprehensive security approach here.enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise saas platform security
  • User Management: With AlphaSense, clients can mirror their internal enterprise permission model. We have built an industry standard user management platform that works on SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol to allow for user identities and their associated access rights and roles to be managed within the AlphaSense platform. Using our SCIM API, clients can create and manage users and groups and keep user information in sync with identity providers to avoid manual intervention. AlphaSense supports automatic user provisioning with identity providers such Azure AD, Okta, and OneLogin.

Private Cloud 

Our private cloud solution takes the unique benefits of our technologies and makes them available in a centralized and secure system that can be deployed within your cloud infrastructure. 

This solution is tailored for clients with strict data governance and security requirements. Our private cloud solution is deployable in all of the three major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure). Clients are able to deploy the solution on the cloud of their choice and almost immediately see the value of the solution by ingesting their internal content within a day, through either our Ingestion API or out-of-the-box data connectors. 


The below architecture diagram illustrates private cloud deployment with connectivity to AlphaSense cluster for accessing our content:

enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise architecture

  • Federated Search: For clients who want to access AlphaSense’s 300 million plus premium content library, we provide federated search capabilities through mTLS (mutual authentication Transport Security Layer). We ensure that clients’ internal content never leaves their network. We send the encrypted search request for AlphaSense content through the allowlisted Enterprise Gateway and deliver the search results back to clients through a private secure mTLS network. Clients will be able to audit all the traffic that flows through the mTLS connection by using their own proxy or through a provided firewall. enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise federated search
  • Auditing: Clients can audit the mTLS link connectivity between their internal deployment and AlphaSense content cluster through an internal proxy like envoy or through cloud vendor provided Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention system (IDS/IPS).  enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise auditing
  • Private LLM within your cloud: AlphaSense’s Large Language Model (ASLLM) is purpose-built to understand the complexity and unique terminology of the financial domain. AlphaSense supports LLMs from your cloud provider accessed through a private link. We can also deploy ASLLM directly in your cloud depending on your preferences. As you start ingesting your internal content, our LLM brings the domain expertise found on your content to the forefront as insights. Important to note is that the ASLLM is not trained on any client data.
  • Integrations: AlphaSense delivers a truly scalable enterprise intelligence solution that comes out of the box with dozens of integrations and connectors to ingest enterprise content, including Box, SharePoint, email, and much more.
  • APIs: Our private cloud solution comes with access to our search and management APIs to extend and customize AlphaSense to your needs. Refer our API reference guide to learn more about our full suite of API capabilities.
  • SSO: With our SAML-based SSO integrations, you can easily enable your employees access to AlphaSense while still maintaining control of your organizational policies. 
  • Permissions: Managing user permissions and content entitlements within the AlphaSense platform is simple and customizable at the same time. We have a wide array of options for clients of all shapes and sizes to configure the visibility of documents to system users and mirror your organization’s sharing policies. Refer to this how-to-article for a detailed overview of our permission and entitlement models.
  • Mobile App: Clients can download our mobile app from the iOS app store for ease of use. It is already built to work with your internal mobile device management systems like Microsoft Intunes and many other popular MDM systems. 

Elevate your Proprietary Knowledge and Gain a Competitive Edge 

AlphaSense’s Enterprise Intelligence offering is a solution to the knowledge sharing gap that many organizations face, serving as a secure market intelligence solution that layers AI search and summarization technology onto a consolidated library of both your proprietary internal research and premium market intelligence content. 

With Enterprise Intelligence, you can unlock the value of your firm’s prized internal knowledge. Extend the value of your IP using AI to search, summarize, and interrogate your proprietary internal data alongside a vast repository of 300M+ premium external documents. 

AlphaSense’s purpose-built AI search and summarization surfaces insights across internal and external research, so you can centralize siloed research workflows and make business decisions with less reputational risk. It allows you to automatically integrate and tag your PDFs, SharePoint documents, CIMs, Excel sheets, and more. You can also interrogate long documents with natural-language chat that go straight to the source to surface the most relevant insights. 

enterprise search and genai capabilities for the modern enterprise

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Ramesh Nair
Ramesh Nair
Director of Product

Ramesh Nair is the Director of Product at AlphaSense specializing in Enterprise Solutions. With a background in technology and a strategic vision, he leads a dynamic team within AlphaSense to deliver enterprise grade solution to empower organizations to make informed decisions. Ramesh’s expertise in product management, coupled with his ability to translate complex concepts into user-friendly solutions, has driven the success of numerous projects. He is dedicated to ongoing learning and mentorship, contributing significantly to the advancement of enterprise technology.

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