Enterprise Intelligence

Search and discover internal insights with generative AI

Explore applying generative AI across your internal content to eliminate blind spots in investment decisions.

Our Enterprise Intelligence solution allows you to:

  • Integrate your internal content alongside 300M+ premium external documents already in AlphaSense. 
  • Easily search and discover answers with generative AI technology purpose-built for asset managers.
  • Secure information with flexible deployment options designed to meet the highest security standards.

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Purpose-built AI

For over a decade, we’ve been providing AI solutions purpose-built for financial services. Our proprietary verticalized LLM trained specifically on business and financial data beats or matches the leading third-party LLMs more than 90% of the time.

“The consolidation of the firm’s various data and research access resources into one place solves the issue of logging onto multiple platforms. The AI is extremely helpful to parse through a large amount of information in an efficient manner.”

-Investment Associate in the Banking Industry

Discover insights in your internal research in seconds

Experience market-leading AI search and summarization across your internal research alongside 300M+ premium external business documents.

Request access to Enterprise Intelligence to:

  • Layer industry-leading AI search across internal research
  • Get genAI document summaries, verifiable with one-click
  • Integrate up to 1TB per day of documents
  • Upload and tag docs automatically through API or integrations

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