Introducing Smart Summaries for Companies

Following the launch of Smart Summaries for Earnings, we introduce our open Beta of Smart Summaries for Companies—a tool that helps AlphaSense users find impactful company insights sourced from company documents, Wall Street analyst reports, and thousands of expert interviews. Rather than searching through disparate sources to glean the information you need on a competitor or corporation, leverage Company Smart Summaries to learn the “table of contents” of an organization. 

What can you learn with Company Smart Summaries? 

Our latest extension of Smart Summaries gives you an overview of an entire company, its performance, outlook, strengths and weaknesses, competitive landscape, and much more—in a bite-sized summary. Powered by our generative AI (genAI) technology, you can think of it as your personal table of contents. This tool is instrumental in widening users’ ability to research outlier companies, covering secondary players, or expediting the process of getting up to speed on a new name.

Here’s what you should know about Company Smart Summaries and how you can leverage it to succeed.

Company Smart Summaries Overview 

Company Smart Summaries collects valuable insights from 10,000+ trusted business sources found within the AlphaSense platform to produce comprehensive summaries of a company. Each Company Smart Summary contains three main sections, each with different information from various market perspectives, and includes citation links to give you instant access to the underlying source. 

The three main sections are:


Within this section, you will find information sourced from two content types. The first is earnings transcripts,  from which positive and negative highlights, company outlook, and highlights from the analyst Q&A are summarized from the most recent earnings call.  Below these summaries, you can find perspectives on beats, misses, and the bear and bull cases sourced from our market-leading library of Wall Street analyst reports. 

smart summaries for companies earnings image


This section covers company upgrades and downgrades, SWOT analyses , and the competitive landscape for a given company, from the perspective of Wall Street analysts.

smart summaries for companies research image

Expert Calls

In this section, you can access summaries about the key aspects of a given company from the experts themselves. These SWOT and competitive landscape modules are sourced from our Expert Insights library, which features 30,000+ expert interviews with former executives, competitors, customers, and channel partners.

smart summaries for companies expert calls

How to Leverage Company Smart Summaries 

How can you realize the powerful combination of genAI and comprehensive company overviews? 

Here are a few ways some of our early users have adopted Company Smart Summaries into their workflows:

  • Research Secondary Players: Early users report saving up to 50% of the time they would typically spend researching a company. These savings are particularly important when it comes to new or unfamiliar companies on the periphery of your usual coverage area. Accessing Company Smart Summaries allows users to get up-to-speed on competition quickly and identify any areas requiring further insights.
  • Ready-Made SWOT Analysis: One of the most important tools for financial and corporate professionals is the SWOT analysis. Early users of Company Smart Summaries have been able to pull together their own theses and research in minutes.
  • Understand Market Landscapes: Another use case for Company Smart Summaries is building out market landscape analyses. Understand the landscape of industry players, the outlook and growth potential, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any company.
  • Better Understand Prospects and Customers: Early users, ranging from consultants trying to win more business to corporate strategists wanting to inform supplier negotiations, are leveraging Company Smart Summaries to understand new target markets.

Cast a Wider Net with Smart Summaries 

After releasing Smart Summaries for earnings and companies, AlphaSense is committed to making more document types found within the AlphaSense platform summarizable—moving beyond earnings to full portfolios or sectors. 

When evaluating whether a genAI solution is suited for your business, it’s important to ensure it is purpose-built and can help you overcome business and industry challenges. Download our infosheet, 4 Key Considerations for Generative AI in Market Research Workflow, to find out what criteria you need to evaluate which genAI solution will work best for you. 

To get started with Smart Summaries, sign up for your free trial of AlphaSense today.

Tom Gardiner
Tom Gardiner

Tom is a product marketing director who works with the search, summarization, and monitoring product teams at AlphaSense. Tom has spent 10 years in B2B marketing, in all company sizes from global to early-stage startups.

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