Leveraging the Power of AI in Expert Insights

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and businesses and investors alike are constantly seeking innovative ways to gain insights from industry experts to elevate their primary investment research. Artificial intelligence (AI) has empowered the way professionals conduct primary investment research and access to expert insights from subject matter experts.

AlphaSense, a leading market intelligence and search platform, provides streamlined and quality expert insights for business professionals across various industries. Using advanced AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, AlphaSense helps users quickly discover crucial insights found in its universe of content, saving time and enabling better decision-making.

Now, with the integration of generative AI (genAI), AlphaSense has pioneered the way that researchers can gather competitive information through Expert Insights. Below, we explore the value of AI within Expert Insights and how it can revolutionize your primary investment research.

The Value of Expert Insights 

Expert Insights provides users with a curated selection of industry compliant insights via a library of over 35,000 expert transcripts with audio and one-on-one call services. Empowered by AlphaSense’s award-winning AI, the platform quickly scans and aggregates documents, news articles, earnings call transcripts, expert call transcripts, and more by using NLP, to surface premium insights within seconds. 

Expert Insights utilizes advanced AI search technology, incorporating synonym recognition, sentiment analysis, and the ability to conduct company and thematic searches. These features enhance both the accuracy and depth of search results, leading to more precise information retrieval that allows you to never miss intel buried in expert transcripts. 

The expert transcript library provides you with access to a proprietary database of tens of thousands of expert call transcripts from former executives, customers, competitors, and channel partners across a broad range of industries. By allowing Expert Insights AI capabilities to do the manual work of finding information for you, you can get deeper insights faster and discover strategic investment opportunities, market trends, and emerging risks quickly.

Maximizing Primary Research with AI

AI technology brings forth a new dimension to market intelligence that allows you to effortlessly extract quality insights from alternative data sources. Expert Insights leverages 10+ years of investment in AI development to further refine and personalize primary research.

We explore the values of AI with Expert Insights in greater detail below:

Instant Expert Transcript Summarization

Researchers can maximize their return on investment and time with generated summaries that capture the gist of any expert call transcript found within the AlphaSense library. GenAI goes beyond keyword-based searches because it has the ability to understand context and nuances in language, allowing it to identify insights that might be missed by traditional search methods. This context-aware approach enhances the quality of Expert Insights by making information more actionable.

Smart Summaries uses genAI to parse through millions of documents across the premium and high-value content sets available in AlphaSense, and then presents highly accurate and valuable summaries. With Smart Summaries, you can glean instant insights from any expert transcript to reduce time spent on research and quickly capture expert SWOT perspectives. Smart Summaries can also unveil nuanced bearish and bullish company perspectives and transform raw information into actionable insights on key themes.

Synonymous Research Results

Smart Synonyms™ is the backbone of the AlphaSense search engine. This technology allows you to expand keyword and thematic searches to deliver the most relevant expert insights, beyond just the transcripts that are an exact keyword match. Our industry-leading search technology uses NLP to analyze speech patterns across tens of millions of expert call transcripts, resulting in a robust library of synonymous words, phrases, and word proximity combinations that do the heavy lifting of searching for relevant snippets within text-heavy transcripts.

Smart Synonyms™ can also be combined with our sentiment analysis technology to identify and quantify levels of emotion around specific topics within expert transcripts. Using a boolean operator, you can search for mentions of a specific topic in a positive or negative light (for example, “automation” AND “positive”) and filter by expert calls. The resulting snippets cover any positive mention of the topic.

Leveraging Smart Synonyms™ allows you to offload the most tedious aspects of research to AI so that you can spend more time on processing these actionable insights into critical business decisions.

More Personalized Research

Furthermore, AlphaSense’s incredible AI technology uses machine learning algorithms to understand user preferences and patterns to curate Expert Insights most relevant to your research needs and interests. Along with sentiment analysis and synonym recognition, the platform understands your research intent to surface expert transcripts and summaries about your specific research topic.

The AlphaSense platform continuously monitors and analyzes a vast array of premium, proprietary, public, and private content sources, along with a growing understanding of your research interests, to provide users with real-time updates on the information that matters most to them. When paired with automated alerts, professionals can stay ahead of rapidly evolving markets and make timely decisions with Expert Insights.

The intuitive design of the platform’s interface also ensures an effortless user experience to quickly browse and vet experts with an easily navigable table of contents and engage in personalized expert calls. Every call transcript, including custom calls, is also paired with time stamped audio to provide you with critical voice inflections to understand the nuances of the expert voice.

Easily Identify Relevant Experts

Expert Call Services allow you to quickly connect with professionals from AlphaSense’s extensive global network of one million pre-qualified experts and build the perfect interview with research managers to extract granular insights. 

AlphaSense’s powerful AI search technology allows you to easily surface relevant industry experts from within its vast library of expert interviews. By using Smart Summaries and Smart Synonyms™ you can quickly uncover expert transcripts with the perfect expert that you want to engage in a custom call with.

The platform’s AI allows you to quickly surface transcripts with experts of your desired expertise, background, role and perspective for your next call as follows:

  1. First, populate the transcripts you need with ease using search filters, Smart Synonyms™, sentiment analysis, and automated alerts.
  2. Then, leverage Smart Summaries to generate accurate summarizations with genAI technology for crucial insights from experts at a glance.
  3. Finally, click the “Talk to this Expert” button on a transcript to initiate Expert Call Services and capture the nuanced insights and personalization that only human experts can offer.

Utilizing AlphaSense’s AI allows you to extract quality expert insights through a simple search query plus the opportunity to dive beyond the transcript by scheduling a personalized expert call.

The Future of Expert Insights

Expert Insights delivers personalized, context-aware, and actionable insights by harnessing the power of genAI. The combination of advanced AI technologies with a vast content universe not only accelerates the pace of research but also elevates the quality of insights derived. The potential of primary investment research is limitless as genAI continues to shape the future of Expert Insights.

Learn how AlphaSense evolves beyond the limits of research in our white paper, The Future of Primary Investment Research.

Maximize your research with Expert Insights and start your free trial today.

Ees Qureshi
Ees Qureshi
Content Marketing Specialist

Ees is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense and responsible for elevating the brand of Expert Insights, a unique content set of alternative data, through the power of storytelling. Previously, Ees has been a seasoned copywriter across various industries throughout his career and also authored “masala chai,” an illustrated poetry book capturing his journey as a South Asian minority in America.

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