Ramping Up on New Research Topics with Expert Insights

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of market-moving trends, understanding consumer behavior, and tracking industry developments are essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Business professionals require timely and relevant insights to make strategic decisions in rapidly changing markets; therefore, getting up to speed on new research topics is crucial in the realm of market research.

However, investors and businesses face many challenges when researching new topics due to the sheer volume of information and resources available online. Navigating efficiently through public data, earning calls, press releases, and more can be incredibly overwhelming for researchers.

Enter AlphaSense, a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based market intelligence platform, that revolutionizes primary research and allows you to expedite the mastery of new or challenging topics. AlphaSense provides Expert Insights alongside an extensive universe of private, public, and premium content that enables users to perform thematic research and pinpoint new topics for exploration.

Business professionals that conduct market research can leverage Expert Insights to gain instant insights and easily dive deeper into any market, industry, or company. Below we explore how researchers can quickly ramp up on new topics by using Expert Insights as a centralized resource for primary research.

Save Time on Primary Research with Expert Insights

Understanding new research topics efficiently is a strategic imperative for business professionals aiming to thrive in dynamic and competitive markets. Rapid research empowers organizations and investors to make timely, informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition to navigate the ever-changing landscape of business successfully—and to strategically pivot, if need be.

Effectively leveraging AlphaSense’s AI capabilities and Expert Insights can reduce the time it takes users to find critical market insights so that they can allocate more time to strategic decision-making. These efficiencies translate into valuable time savings for researchers ensuring that their focus is on critical aspects of their business rather than getting lost in the details of extensive research.

We explore how AlphaSense’s expert transcript library, powerful search tools, and Expert Call Services can save you time when researching in greater detail below.

1. Discover Proprietary Expert Insights

The AlphaSense expert transcript library is an alternative data source that allows you to get closer to the source of truth about an industry, market, or company directly from leading industry experts. Our expert transcript library is an extensive collection of investor-led interviews with previous executives, customers, partners, and channel participants spanning nearly every industry and market.

With AI search technology and automated alerts, you can easily navigate through our expert transcript library of over 40,000 on-demand transcripts and never miss an insight. Automated alerts allow you to gain relevant insights in real time by following the lifecycle of a trend, staying up to date on a market, or keeping watch on company developments.

Each proprietary expert transcript has a comprehensive call summary, hyperlinked table of contents, and timestamped audio so that you can efficiently capture expert insights. With these expert perspectives, you can get up to speed on any research topic and confidently navigate rapidly-changing markets.

For example, Papyrus Capital uses AlphaSense Expert Insights to deep dive into new investment territories and zero in on topics.

“[Expert transcripts] helps us go mile-wide a lot faster, easier, and more flexibly—and then helps us figure out when to zero in.”

– Nitin Sacheti, Founder, Papyrus Capital | AlphaSense Case Study

Additionally, Expert Insights provides world-class compliance standards to offer proprietary content that you can trust. AlphaSense ensures strict procedures for vetting experts and diligent reviews for each individual transcript before it’s published so that you can conduct fast research in confidence.

2. Leverage Powerful AI for Rapid Topic Mastery

AI technology is an incredible tool that can create efficiencies in the overall research process by removing manual tasks required by traditional research methods. AlphaSense’s 10+ years of investment in AI development allows you to instantly surface insights from tens of millions of data points.

By leveraging AlphaSense’s AI-driven research tools, users can rapidly master new topics at the industry, watchlist, and document level to better track market landscape and industry trends, identify disruptive players, and discover competitors’ hidden strategies.

Researchers can save time on research with AlphaSense’s powerful AI-search capabilities as follows:

  • Smart Summaries – Enables users to glean expert insights in an instant with generative AI (genAI) summaries that capture the gist of any expert call transcript found within the extensive AlphaSense library in seconds.
  • Smart Synonyms™ –  Empowers users to expand keyword and thematic searches to deliver the most relevant expert insights by including all synonyms, excluding irrelevant results, and canceling out the noise.
  • Sentiment Analysis – Allows users to identify and quantify levels of emotion around specific topics within expert transcripts by using a boolean operator to search for mentions of a specific topic in a positive, negative, or neutral light.
  • AI Assistant – Offers users to ask live questions and gain real-time answers with our AI-powered chatbot designed to summarize billions of data points to get you from question to answer, faster.

Our award-winning AI aggregates an entire content universe to provide instant insights at your fingertips. These powerful AI-search tools accelerate the entire research process so that you can effortlessly identify relevant snippets of information from dense text-based documents which leads you to a quicker time to decision.

3. Get Granular with Expert Call Services

Additionally, AlphaSense streamlines access to quality industry experts with our Expert Call Services that allow you to easily dive deeper into research subjects and get a complete 360-degree view on a topic. Expert Call Services offers personalized interviews with industry experts to provide customized and deeper insights on your research topic.

The AlphaSense platform allows you to schedule one-on-one calls with any of the thousands of experts available in the expert transcript library to ask specific questions and extract granular, personalized insights. This tailored approach allows for more comprehensive and targeted research, ensuring users extract precise expert knowledge without unnecessary information overload.

For example, Nitin Sacheti, Founder of Papyrus Capital, explains how expert calls allow him to fill in the blanks on specific companies to get a detailed view of the competitive industry landscape.

“There’s so much value in expert calls. They helped me to get a much more detailed view of the industry and competitive landscape. Expert calls allowed me to ask specific questions and fill in blanks on specific companies.”

– Nitin Sacheti, Founder of Papyrus Capital | AlphaSense Case Study

By tapping into the minds of industry thought leaders, users gain access to nuanced viewpoints, enhancing their understanding of complex topics and enabling them to make more informed decisions. These firsthand perspectives and granular insights are an effective and unique way to leverage soft market data to support factual research.

Ramp up Quickly on Any Research Topic

Perform fast-paced research and due diligence to map out your business strategy by easily surfacing relevant expert insights across tens of thousands of proprietary transcripts and a database of industry experts in six easy steps as follows:

  1. Filter for Expert Insights Click on the “Expert Insights” source filter to exclude other document types and refine your search for expert call transcripts only.
  2. Enter a keyword search – For example, let’s research “inflation target rates” by entering our keywords into the search bar. The platform will populate a search summary along with the most relevant expert calls, companies, and trends in your search results. 
  3. Gain insights at a glance – Read Smart Summaries on expert transcripts to quickly get the gist of an interview before diving in.
  4. Start reading expert transcripts – Choose a transcript to read and instantly gather quality expert insights with a call summary, key takeaways, a table of contents, and time-stamped audio.
  5. Dive even deeper with Expert Call Services – Love what you’re reading? You can dive even deeper by clicking the “Talk to this Expert” button to set up a custom call with a relevant industry expert within about 48 hours. 
  6. Get personalized insights – Our dedicated research team will collaborate with you to tailor the perfect interview to deliver granular insights and personalized knowledge to drive your decisions.

By following these steps, users can conduct fast and comprehensive research with a targeted approach to capture a 360-degree view of any industry, market, company, or thematic topic.

Discover how AlphaSense maximizes your research potential by saving you time in our white paper, The Expert Insights Flywheel: Maximize Return on Your Time.

Accelerate Your Research with Expert Insights

AlphaSense’s Expert Insights maximizes your research potential by decreasing your time to critical insights that inform comprehensive business strategies. With access to proprietary Expert Insights and powerful AI-search tools, users can quickly master new topics and save valuable time to make well-informed decisions.

Ramp up on new research topics with Expert Insights and start your free trial today.

Ees Qureshi
Ees Qureshi
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