How AlphaSense Is Scaling Smart Synonyms

We have tens of thousands of Smart Synonyms in the AlphaSense platform. With a mission to augment knowledge workers’ research across sectors, how do we prioritize which ones to add next?

AI is a buzzword, but at AlphaSense, it’s what powers our search engine and drives our clients to make more informed decisions every day.

Our platform uses machine learning to expand your query, delivering the most relevant results available on your topic. We call this automated expansion of your search terms Smart Synonyms.TM

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re tasked with understanding the latest activity related to driverless cars, and so you search the phrase, autonomous vehicles, in AlphaSense. Your search query will surface results that mention that specific term, but also results that mention driverless, autonomous cars or self-driving vehicles, etc.:

AlphaSense Smart Synonyms

By using the power of augmented intelligence to overcome the variation in human language, Smart Synonyms capture all relevant information on a subject and help our clients to make more informed decisions.

Among the industry-specific Smart Synonyms already live in the AlphaSense platform, many sectors are covered, from Finance to Healthcare to Emerging Tech. Over time, our algorithm gets smarter, and we’re able to deliver increasingly relevant and expanded results for a term.

But we’re not stopping there.

We continue to add Smart Synonyms to the platform to give our clients an unparalleled view into the markets they’re following or subjects they’re researching. With a range of industries and themes to cover, and dozens of clients requesting Smart Synonyms on topics important to their work, creating the right strategy for scaling Smart Synonyms has taken a bit of thinking. Here’s how we’re managing it:


We align releases of Smart Synonyms with content releases

Our datasets are ever expanding, for example, adding expanded IR presentation coverage and data from key macroeconomic sources in the last quarter.

Industry-specific Smart Synonym pairings are often centered around the release of new content. This helps our customers get the most value out of new datasets. For example, when we added healthcare regulatory content, we concurrently trained our algorithm to recognize synonyms for healthcare terminology.

AlphaSense Smart Synonyms


We listen to clients and prioritize by impact

Our clients are vocal about submitting requests for new Smart Synonyms. We track all requests and prioritize them by a few criteria:

  • Do they align with our datasets?
  • Are various clients asking for them?
  • Have we heard similar requests from our internal client-facing team, such as our sales team, account managers, and product specialists?


What’s next for Smart Synonyms

As we launch new content onto our platform, we’ll roll out related Smart Synonyms. We’ll continue to add new Smart Synonyms as we grow and scale.

If you’re an AlphaSense user and want to explore Smart Synonyms, check them out in the AlphaSense platform. Try clicking, “My Searches,” and scroll down to see Sample Search suggestions.

If you’re not yet a user, please contact us to schedule a personalized demo.

Clarke Levidiotis
Clarke Levidiotis

Clarke Levidiotis leads Product Marketing at AlphaSense. Previously, she launched the Product Marketing functions at both Fiverr (FVRR) and CB insights.

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