Introducing Company Topics, your path to quick strategic insights

Whether you’re researching a company for the first time, or looking at a company you research on a regular basis, combing through hundreds of documents to understand the key topics being discussed is laborious and error-prone. Fortunately, there is a better way.

With Company Topics by AlphaSense, you can harness the power of AI to instantly provide a visual map of the key topics a company is talking about the most. Now you can get an instant overview of the company strategy, and, most critically, which topics are acting as a headwind or tailwind to the company.

The new Company Topics module in AlphaSense

Company Topics is available now, for any public company in the AlphaSense platform. Start from any company tear sheet in AlphaSense, and you will see Company Topics. The best part is, the display of topics is dynamic. It changes based on your choice of sorting filter. (Learn more about the types of sorting filter here.)

So how might you use Company Topics? Here are some common uses:

  • Researching a company for the first time: Ideally, you want to get a quick understanding of the company, and the strategic topics (to help give you an overview of the outlook and performance of the company). For this, sorting by relevance is a great starting point (and is actually the default sorting view).
  • Preparing for an earnings call: The focus here might be to understand which topics are growing in importance for a particular company (to help you understand any growing catalyst topics). For this, sorting by momentum would be ideal. Then you can clearly see which strategic topics are growing in their importance, and where you might want to focus your earning call questions or research.
  • Conducting a peer review: In a peer review, the objective could be to identify relative strengths and weaknesses the peer has (and then arming your sales team with this information to gain a competitive advantage). For this, sorting by sentiment would be a great start. It will help you identify strategic topics that are positively or negatively impacting the company. Giving you ideas of topics to focus deeper research on.

Company Topics is more than a visual representation of the company strategy. It is also the gateway to deeper information on each topic and where you might want to spend more research time. Clicking into any topic will surface the snippets of language driving the appearance of that topic. In fact, you will see the history of that topic quarter-by-quarter.

Snippet Explorer in AlphaSesne

PRO TIP: Once you spot a key topic, click through to use Snippet Explorer and see how the conversation has developed from quarter-to-quarter.

To get started with Company Topics, either go to any public company profile in AlphaSense or try one of these:

  • Use momentum to see why Apple delivered a $100 billion quarter.
  • Use positive and negative sorting to see which markets L’Oreal is performing best and worst in.
  • Use momentum to see which market is important to Nearmap Ltd’s growth. Then click through to see why.

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