The Menarini Group Accelerates With AlphaSense

The Company

Headquartered in Florence, Italy, The Menarini Group is a global pharmaceutical company present in 140 countries worldwide, with 4,375 million euro in turnover and more than 17,000 employees. The Group is renowned for its commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative research and development in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular medicine, and primary care. Guided by four key valuesPeople Care, Patient Focus, Responsibility and Integrity, and QualityMenarini places people first and is committed to delivering high-quality medicines to patients worldwide.

The Quest For Well-Rounded Insights

Alberto Mastantuono, Global Head of Strategic Medical Marketing, joined Menarini 8 years ago and makes a key contribution in evaluating new assets in oncology, specialty medicine, and primary care. His team includes medical advisers, business intelligence, and market access experts who, together with the marketing staff, contribute to bringing new business opportunities, strategic company acquisitions, and portfolio prioritization to fruition.

From a research point of view, Mastantuono and his team seek to source key information quickly and efficiently. He commented that “while some research platforms can provide good insights and enhance the forecasting process, they may not always be able to assist us in interacting with physicians, key opinion leaders, and other key stakeholders so that we can constantly keep them abreast of innovations in our therapeutic areas or specific mechanisms of action.” Taking into account the need for complete, comprehensive and, above all, relevant information is what led Mastantuono and his team to consider AlphaSense as a potential means whereby diverse and meaningful data sources can be integrated. 

“AlphaSense can provide management teams like mine with an overview of a market from a clinical, competitive, commercial and even financial point of view and as a single source of information, which can allow us to save time and focus better on the project at hand.”

Alberto Mastantuono, Global Head of Strategic Medical Marketing

Seeking Results With AI

Mastantuono and his team seek to secure swift yet accurate insights at all times, and AlphaSense’s AI-powered Keyword Smart Search may have the potential to enhance their research processes. 

“If we consider the AI perspective, I feel AlphaSense can support users in singling out the information they require without the need to read documents in full. The function which allows users to identify information based on relevance might prove very useful as it allows you to understand the importance of certain documents with respect to others based upon the search parameters provided.”

“AlphaSense can support and assist my team in Menarini so that they can focus and dedicate their time to informed decision-making.”

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