AlphaSense gives 3T a “one-stop-shop” to accelerate their research

The Company

3T Biosciences is an immunotherapy company focused on discovering and developing next-generation therapies with curative potential based on its immune-response-guided target discovery approach. 3T Biosciences’ 3T-TRACE platform technology is designed to overcome the challenges of advancing T-cell receptor (TCR)-based therapeutics. Based in South San Francisco, 3T Biosciences is led by an experienced management team and supported by top investors including Westlake Village BioPartners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

The Challenge

Resource constraints pose challenges for smaller biotech companies, like 3T, who are looking to gain competitive insights across diverse research materials and content sets. 3T needed a solution that could provide comprehensive insights without needing multiple subscriptions, ultimately saving time and resources.

Cost-Effective Access to Comprehensive Data

AlphaSense, a leader in market research and intelligence, emerged as the ideal “one-stop-shop solution” for 3T’s market analysis needs. Offering a versatile platform catering to various research requirements, AlphaSense proved to be invaluable for maximizing research efficiency within budget constraints.

“AlphaSense has the best value “one-stop-shop” solution for biotech companies with a smaller budget for databases. The ability to do a variety of things with one subscription is the key selling point for companies of this nature. In addition, the ability to leverage the AI technology to drive useful alerts is terrific when not operating with a dedicated CI team.”

– Chief Business Officer, 3T

A key driver of efficiency for 3T has been AlphaSense’s ability to consolidate key information around a company in one single view, allowing for an “easy deep-dive into a variety of topics related to certain peer and competitor companies.” Moreover, the platform’s widespread availability of industry publications, like Endpoints News and the San Francisco Business Times, that are easily searchable within the platform save 3T’s CBO both time and money.

“With AlphaSense, you have everything all at your fingertips instead of having to move across different sites to get you the same information.”

– Chief Business Officer, 3T

Looking Ahead

AlphaSense exceeded 3T’s expectations with its user-friendly interface, robust search functionality, and cost-effective pricing. As such, the 3T team looks forward to continuing to build their partnership with AlphaSense by exploring AlphaSense’s new generative AI functionalities.