Fresenius Group Makes IR Work More Efficient with AlphaSense

The Company

Fresenius is a global health care group with products and services for dialysis, hospital, and outpatient care. With over 300,000 employees in more than 100 countries and annual sales of more than 37 billion euros, Fresenius is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

The Fresenius Group comprises four independently operating business segments that are market leaders in various growth areas of the healthcare sector: Fresenius Medical Care is the world leader in the treatment of chronic kidney failure. Fresenius Helios is Europe’s largest private hospital group. Fresenius Kabi provides essential drugs, medical devices, and services for critically and chronically ill patients. Fresenius Vamed specializes in the project and management business of healthcare facilities.

“The time saved by using AlphaSense is enormous. It easily saves us several hours a week. Requested information can be prepared in a timely, precise and efficient manner. For our daily work, this is essential.”

Michael Otto, Director of Investor Relations and Sustainability

The Challenge

It is imperative that Fresenius’ Investor Relations and Sustainability team deliver a consistent message to the markets. This involves handling investor inquiries, responding to a wide variety of internal stakeholder needs, and monitoring changes in market sentiment.

The challenges for an IR team are many, as they often have to laboriously work through reports, toggle between different websites, and reconcile disparate data. This can make it incredibly difficult for the Fresenius team to quickly compare and reconcile statements across different platforms. For example, they need to compare what statements were made by the company in an earnings call and how the market evaluates and interprets this information.

With such a large scope, an efficient research and monitoring workflow is essential, beyond what their team can do manually. Thus, it is critical that they capture what competitors are communicating, directly or indirectly, in a timely manner – and be able to identify any sentiment changes in real-time.

The Results

“The time saved by using AlphaSense is enormous,” says Michael Otto, Director of Investor Relations and Sustainability. “It easily saves us several hours a week. Requested information can be prepared in a timely, precise and efficient manner. For our daily work, this is essential.”

A common requirement for the team is to quickly find the source of something mentioned in the news, and during reporting season the board wants a comprehensive yet concise overview of what has been said about the company. “That’s much easier for all of us now,” Michael says. “Using AlphaSense was really a game changer.

The team gathers insights from analyst reports and also uses company documents, transcripts, and press releases to capture competitor developments and current market trends, as well as influencers’ opinions on specific topics.

“It was not easy to gather all the large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources and present it in a structured and visually appealing way,” says Kacper Boborykin, Manager of Investor Relations and Sustainability. “Now it’s much easier, and it’s exciting to think about what else we can do.”

The demands and opportunities of digital communications have become the focus of the Fresenius team. The success is reflected in the company’s triumphant win in the “Digital Communication” category last year from a leading publication for investors in Germany.

Benefits of the AlphaSense platform that are paramount to the Fresenius team’s workflow include:

Wall Street Insights (WSI) – The first and only equity research collection designed specifically for the corporate market gives Fresenius unprecedented access to an extensive pool of broker research reports from thousands of expert analysts, fully indexed and searchable.

Personalizable Dashboards – To capture the most relevant watchlist, company and keyword searches at a glance, the team has customized its dashboards for advanced search capabilities to analyze the impact of macro trends on the healthcare industry.

Company Topics – To visualize general and specific topics mentioned by a company in its webcasts, the team knows that the size of a quadrant reflects the volume of mentions, with the grid dynamically changing as new transcripts become available.

Watchlists – The team’s use and updating of watchlists helps them understand how key companies and influencers in the industry think about a particular topic, saving them a lot of time in thematic searches for numerous companies.

Alerts – Alerts ensure that they are immediately informed of critical updates on the companies they follow. They provide highlighted statements, meaningful context, and links to specific documents in the AlphaSense platform.

Access to more companies – Provides a critical additional perspective since, for example, not all competitors are publicly listed.

“We use all of these features extensively, and they are extremely helpful in creating actionable insights in our workflow. They give us confidence that we’re not missing any material information.”

Kacper Boborykin, Manager of Investor Relations and Sustainability

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