Altamont Capital saw a 300% increase in team’s platform engagement when switching to AlphaSense

The Company

Altamont Capital Partners (ACP), based in Palo Alto, California, is a private equity firm focusing on investments in middle-market companies across manufacturing, business services, consumer, and healthcare. Guided by values of partnership, experience, complexity, flexibility, and culture, the team of 60+ investment professionals are empowered to bring a constructive and pragmatic mindset to their client partnerships to help their clients best achieve their long-term goals.

Investing in a Partnership

As a firm operating in the fast-paced environment of Silicon Valley, ACP seeks accurate, real-time insights to help optimize their due diligence workflows. They rely on market research technology to provide access to comprehensive data sets through ease of search, information consistency, and a seamless user experience. 

ACP looks to Peter Eichelberger, Director of Information Technology, to ensure that the teams across the organization are well-equipped with efficient tools for uncovering key public market narratives they can trust. Cole Schmitz, Associate at ACP, emphasized the need for a tool that could quickly provide relevant information across various industries. With their firm covering diverse sectors, Cole needed a solution to streamline the process of gathering market trends, company data, and public information to efficiently support their analysis. After speaking with a core group of the firm’s veteran researchers about their experience with existing tools, Peter found that many of their industry peers had recommended they look into AlphaSense. In light of data inconsistencies with their current tool and a need for a more cost-effective solution, Peter put forward a case to invest in AlphaSense as their partner in market intelligence.

Winning With GenAI

Efficiency is crucial for the ACP Investment team. Cole shares how AlphaSense has maximized his ability to connect the dots faster in his research since joining the firm. After a few weeks of familiarizing himself with the platform, he could synthesize insights from broker reports, news articles, and other content quickly with the help of AlphaSense’s generative AI capabilities.

“I used to spin my wheels trying to quickly get a synopsis from a broker report to help me understand the macro trends in a given industry. Now, my first go-to is AlphaSense. The ability to find a quick couple of takeaways for an industry saves me a ton of time.”

– Cole Schmitz, Associate at Altamont Capital Partners

AlphaSense stands out for Cole due to its cutting-edge AI-powered search functionalities. AlphaSense’s proprietary vertical LLM is the engine behind features such as Smart Summaries, which generates comprehensive synopses across content pieces within AlphaSense’s proprietary content universe. This enables him to streamline his research efforts and effortlessly disseminate findings on specialized markets and industry developments to Managing Directors and other key figures within his company, providing a notable edge over conventional search engines like Google. Furthermore, the assurance that AlphaSense’s LLM is fueled by public record data is crucial for IT leaders like Peter, as it instills confidence that the firm’s analysts and leadership are not susceptible to misinformation from AI-generated hallucinations.

In addition to AlphaSense’s genAI functionalities, Cole highlighted AlphaSense’s seamless user experience in optimizing his research efficiency. In past roles, the often cumbersome platforms of vendors, like PitchBook, have made it difficult for him to perform day-to-day tasks, such as downloading tables from financial reports into Excel sets. With the help of AlphaSense’s Table Tools, Associates, like Cole, can easily access and export spreadsheet-like visualizations from company filings to share across the organization. A user-friendly interface built with efficiency and information consistency at its core makes all the difference for the team at ACP.

What’s Next?

Since adopting AlphaSense, ACP boasts a 300% increase in engagement with their market intelligence platform compared to when they used a legacy platform. According to Peter, a key driver of the increased adoption is the simplification of the platform. In his experience, vendors investing too heavily in innovation without the necessary resources to scale tend to create inconsistencies that result in falsified information. AlphaSense solves that problem for ACP by having functionalities that reflect why ACP chose AlphaSense in the first place: ease of search, information consistency, and a seamless user experience.

Peter, Cole, and others across the ACP team are eager to strengthen their partnership with AlphaSense, particularly focusing on the AI-based search and summarization functionalities. They are enthusiastic about nurturing an ongoing collaboration with their dedicated AlphaSense success team, a benefit they have not experienced with any other market intelligence vendor.

“The thing that’s impressive to me in my role as someone who has to look across hundreds of different pieces of software to help make our team’s jobs easier is how AlphaSense doesn’t overcomplicate the platform. A good example is the Smart Summaries – it’s not rocket science, but something that allows us to achieve data consistency and efficiency.”

– Peter Eichelberger, Director of IT at Altamont Capital Partners

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