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How Merz beats deadlines with AI


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Competitive Intelligence

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Efficiency gains

With AI search, this one-woman-team beats tight earnings deadlines


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Global collaboration

This leader easily organizes and circulates critical insights to the global team, in real-time

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Increased confidence

With robust content sources at her fingertips, this leader is more confident in her output

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The company

A family-owned business since 1908, Merz Aesthetics is a leading, global aesthetics company. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Merz boasts an award-winning portfolio of injectables, devices and skincare products that helps health care professionals fuel confidence through aesthetic medicine. Director of Market Intelligence, Stephanie Proesel is tasked with monitoring industry trends, peers and competitive insights.

The challenge

As Stephanie started her department in March, the world quickly changed. This one-woman team quickly noticed that the previous process was not only slow, but it was challenging to collaborate with her global team. Very quickly, Stephanie realized that she needed a research solution to help her outsize her impact. She needed a way to gather insights more efficiently and also more easily coordinate with her peers.




Soon after her first earnings season with the platform, Stephanie knew that AlphaSense was the right fit for her research needs. The “intuitive AI” and “easy set up” allowed her to quickly realize results. 

Outsized earnings impact

Stephanie’s leadership set a 6 hour turnaround time deadline for earnings recaps. As the sole person on her team, when she was faced with 4 calls in one day, she prepared her leadership team that she might not be able to meet the expectation of a 6 hour turnaround. To her surprise and delight, AlphaSense helped her to “[meet] every deadline in one day. I couldn’t believe myself.”  In leveraging the power of AI, Stephanie noted that the platform allows her to be a “much bigger program.” 

Real-time insights

In instituting the platform, Stephanie has been able to improve on internal processes and communication by more efficiently getting the global team real-time information that powers their decisions. AlphaSense allows her to get “everything in one place before they’re even expecting it.” 

Comprehensive content

With AlphaSense, Stephanie is more confident in her output, knowing that she has captured all the critical information from a robust collection of content sources. Drawing broker research analysis, earnings transcripts, and company documents, Stephanie easily highlights the most important insights, exports tables and uses the platform’s ground-breaking AI to uncover the sentiment in earnings transcripts.

I was able to meet every deadline – which I couldn’t believe myself. When you use tools like [AlphaSense] to your benefit, you can be a much bigger program than you actually are.”

Stephanie Proesel

Director, Market Intelligence


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