Why AlphaSense is a ‘double win’ for Evoque Data Centers

The company

Evoque Data Center Solutions, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is recognized by industry analysts as one of the world’s 20 largest data center firms. It owns and operates data centers across four continents, serving customers in multiple segments, including utilities, transport, energy, communications, healthcare, and technologies.

The challenge

The Director of Competitive Intelligence for Evoque Data Center Solutions, Steve Friedberg, is tasked with identifying trends, keeping abreast of what’s happening within the industry and sharing across the company, including its executives.  The team’s requirements are significant, with a need to keep track of new information, shifts in trends and updates among industry players on a daily basis.

To uncover these insights, the team had relied upon multiple sources, including Google Alerts, relationships with analysts, industry brokers and industry databases and newsletters. Steve found these traditional ways of searching to be time-consuming and did not always deliver the desired results. To aid the Evoque team in their quest for timely, high-quality and data-driven information, Steve sought a tool that would allow him to cut through the noise and help create a more efficient research process.

[With AlphaSense], I found the precise information I wanted in a fraction of the time it would have taken me elsewhere.”

Steve Friedberg
Director of Competitive Intelligence


Since implementing AlphaSense, the team’s investment has already paid off. “I advocated strongly for AlphaSense and I am glad I did,” Friedberg says. He says he has discovered value in both the depth and quality of content sources available to him within AlphaSense, and the speed with which he is able to uncover information that benefits his team members at Evoque.

Sources found on no other platform: With AlphaSense, Steve gained access to premium broker research via the Wall Street Insights collection. The first time he logged into AlphaSense, he uncovered a report from Barclays Research with pricing information that he “had not been able to obtain elsewhere, and [he] did it in less than one minute.” When assessing other solutions about their content options, he always asked them about their access to broker reports, and quickly found that there was no provider with comparable content that would enable him to conduct the ad hoc searches his team members often request.  This, he found, was especially helpful when comparing AlphaSense to other companies that he and his team evaluated.  “Their products were solid but would only allow me to search in a pre-defined area.  AlphaSense gives me far greater flexibility to seek out the specific information that my team members need, across a greater range of sources to which I previously did not have access.”

Added credibility in work product: Steve describes broker reports as “a double win” because the financial analysts whose reports are available through AlphaSense have access to information that his team may not. Steve uses AlphaSense to get the story behind the headlines and understand where the trends are headed next. He finds “extraordinary value when I need the deeper dive” and adds that the “depth of research and expertise found within analyst reports gives [his] team added credibility.”

Ad hoc requests, conquered: Steve has found that AlphaSense also adds to his confidence when completing ad-hoc requests from his team. He shared that when a team member recently asked him for facts and figures on a specific topic, he turned to AlphaSense to see what he could find. Describing his old process, Steve said that he could have gone back to quarterly investor calls, and emailed technology analysts to see what information they might have, adding that the whole process would have taken at least a day. “Instead, I went to AlphaSense and I typed in a couple of keywords and in 10 seconds, I had a report from a financial analyst. It was precisely what we needed, and I accomplished that in a minute or less.” With premium broker research, combined with powerful AI, Steve found “precisely the information I wanted in a fraction of the time it would have taken me elsewhere.”

Speed-to-insight: AlphaSense plays a key role in aggregating information that Steve puts in a weekly newsletter he sends to a cross-functional group of leaders at Evoque. He sorts by date and by relevance score in the platform to identify the most timely and relevant information on the trends he’s tracking. Steve mentions that the platform allows him to be more productive and complete his research “in an absolute minimum of time.”

In leveraging AI to uncover insights from broker research, Steve has gained confidence, added credibility and saved time in his research. “It’s a voyage of discovery. When I log in, I know I am going to find something of value to my team.”

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