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The company

The Corporate Development team in the cloud service vertical of one of the world’s foremost web-service providers has a mandate to conduct ongoing research into potential partnership and acquisition targets.

The challenge

The team parses through large volumes of data looking for nuggets of information in order to build out deep research on market segments and TAM. 

Historically, they have had access to equity research, a valuable source of industry and company insights, but found the process of consuming this research to be painfully slow. Downloading many separate PDFs and reading them individually was an enormous obstacle to conducting meaningful analysis. 

“When we’re looking for complex queries with many keywords, limited to a specific timeframe, legacy financial data terminals can’t handle it,” the team’s manager observed. “Complex search queries are also too difficult for Google to parse.” 

The team craved a more modern research platform that would allow for comprehensive research and the ability to leverage all existing data in their strategies.  

Specifically they wanted the ability to:  

  • Analyze many broker research reports at scale, particularly industry coverage reports which the team considers “the number one criteria” that’s critical to research
  • Leverage advanced thematic search and synonym recognition technology to form complex search queries, such as “how many companies have begun migration project from physical center to cloud center in 2020”
  • Sort and rank search results by relevance

[AlphaSense] pulls in all the equity research and highlights key sections. Wall Street Insights® gives me more research to analyze and truly massive time savings.”

Corporate Development Team Manager


The team turned to AlphaSense to accelerate research, starting with a deep dive into disaster recovery companies. Using AlphaSense Wall Street Insights®, the team found immediate value in AlphaSense’s unique breadth of real-time and embargoed broker research. “There’s a distinct value to the embargoed broker research, which we did not have access to previously,” said the team’s manager.  

With Wall Street Insights®, the team is now able to surface key insights from this broad set of broker research. They find particular value in AlphaSense’s ability to hone in on relevant snippets of text from within fifty or hundred page reports that would be impossible to read manually at scale. 

“In AlphaSense, when you search a keyword in the search bar, it pulls all the research intelligently that meets that criteria and it does so by highlighting specific sections of the PDF without having to manually open the PDF,” explains the team’s manager. “It pulls in all the equity research and highlights key sections. Wall Street Insights® gives me more research to analyze and truly massive time savings.”

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