How Papyrus Capital Uses AlphaSense to Deep Dive into New Investment Territory

About Papyrus Capital GP LLC

Founded by Nitin Sacheti in 2015, Papyrus Capital GP LLC compounds partner capital by investing in mis-priced public securities. Papyrus believes the key to a winning strategy is playing offense when markets are operating in stressful conditions, optimizing risk management for businesses by bottom-up analysis, a small number of alpha shorts, and cash. In addition to tech, media, and telecom, Papyrus is now also investing in clean energy.

The Challenge

To succeed, Nitin needs access to a large repository of company data in order to run in-depth analyses on company performance, needs, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Through detailed market analysis, Nitin is able to determine which prospects take priority. Unfortunately, most market intelligence platforms lack the intuitiveness and specificity that Nitin needs to efficiently select prospective clients. “Because of technology and business obsolescence risk, it’s important for us to invest in companies with great owner-manager teams,” Nitin says. Along with technological advances over the years, there’s exponentially more information out there on the companies Nitin is vetting, making the research process long and arduous. That’s why he needed a platform that would allow him to dig deep into specific companies without getting caught up in all the noise.

Papyrus Zeros in on New Investment Opportunities through Expert Transcripts

Expert Transcripts was the solution Papyrus needed to delve deeper into specific industries without getting bogged down by massive amounts of information. Expert calls and transcripts allowed Nitin to quickly determine whether a certain company was worth investment, what challenges they faced, and the nuances associated with specific industries of interest. For example, Papyrus recently began investment research into the solar supply chain. Nitin was able to get a large-scale view of the solar industry, then find which companies outside the solar industry were mentioning solar-related spending. Expert transcripts allowed him to take it one step further.

“There’s so much value in expert calls,” Nitin says. “They helped me to get a much more detailed view of the industry and competitive landscape. Expert calls allowed me to ask specific questions and fill in blanks on specific companies.”

Expert calls led Nitin to research solar trackers—devices that direct solar panels to the sun. Through these expert calls, he discovered the solar tracking industry was experiencing higher-than-average growth—something he wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t been able to zero in on nuances in the solar supply chain. This helped Papyrus find new business opportunities faster than ever before.

“One of the key attributes of a public market investor is the ability to know when to go mile-wide, inch-deep; and when something looks really interesting, when to go mile-deep,” Nitin says. “It’s really easy to get caught up in the noise and waste time.”

“[Expert Transcripts] helps us go mile-wide a lot faster, easier, and more flexibly—and then helps us figure out when to zero in.”

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