AlphaSense Helps Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Essity Save Time and Eliminate Blind Spots

The Company

Essity is a prominent consumer goods company that specializes in personal care and hygiene products. With a focus on improving well-being, Essity offers a diverse range of products, including tissue, feminine care, baby care, and incontinence products. As a global leader, Essity is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and products that meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers and professionals alike.

The Challenge of Uncovering Market Insights Amid the “Junk”

Getting accurate and up-to-date competitive intelligence is crucial for informed decision-making in the consumer goods space. However, the process of gathering competitive insights can be time-consuming and challenging. Bridget Ryan, a competitive intelligence analyst at Essity, says searching for relevant company news related to competitors and distribution partners can be a tedious task

“We were struggling with our other platforms that collected news and data from other companies—because they weren’t filtering out the noise or the junk.”

-Bridget Ryan, Essity Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Without an efficient tool, analysts were spending valuable time manually collecting information from various sources. This accumulation of noise contributed to blind spots, potentially leading to missed opportunities or inadequate awareness of market developments.

Eliminating Blind Spots with AlphaSense

Bridget turned to AlphaSense—a powerful AI-based market intelligence and search platform that empowers businesses to make better, faster decisions more confidently. AlphaSense is the easiest and fastest way to research and monitor companies, topics, and industries across thousands of premium and proprietary business data source. One of the key features Bridget finds valuable is AlphaSense’s intuitive dashboard.

“AlphaSense’s dashboard is super easy to use and read. My account manager helped me build my own custom dashboard which showed my competitors in one section, distribution partners in another, and allowed me to pull in economic insights covering the different indicators that I like to track in its own separate dashboard. With AlphaSense, I can build a custom dashboard to help me be aware of what’s going on in our European market as well.”

-Bridget Ryan, Essity Competitive Intelligence Analyst

AlphaSense eliminates blind spots for Bridget and her team. The core value proposition for AlphaSense, Bridget says, lies in its ability to aggregate the most important and relevant industry news through its advanced search capabilities.

“The first thing I do when I log on for work is check AlphaSense. It pulls in the news a lot better than other platforms that we have been using. Now, if one of our competitors does a product launch, I know I can trust that AlphaSense is going to have that news at the top of the page when I log on in the morning. For example, inflation has been a huge topic for us and how pricing is going to be impacted, so I’m able to see in real time if there are any updates, especially in the U.S. about pricing. ”

-Bridget Ryan, Essity Competitive Intelligence Analyst

As a result, Bridget has a complete picture of the market landscape. Additionally, the strong partnership between Bridget and her AlphaSense account manager has played a significant role in her successful adoption of the platform.

“AlphaSense saves me so much time. It creates a lot of value by making sure that I don’t have any gaps or blind spots. I know exactly what’s happening with our competitors every day when I log on and check AlphaSense. AlphaSense does a really good job at giving me exactly what I need.”

-Bridget Ryan, Essity Competitive Intelligence Analyst

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