Recurve Capital Saves Time Uncovering Insights to Drive Investment Decisions

The Firm

Recurve Capital, a long-biased hedge fund, invests in public companies in technology, media, telecom, and consumer sectors. With more than eighteen years of long/short investment experience, founder Aaron Chan relies on exhaustive research and cutting edge market insights to make investment decisions. Aaron dedicates most of his valuable time to research in order to find the best companies for his portfolio. “Once our capital is invested, I really have to make sure I’m up-to-date with the latest market developments,” Aaron says.

The Challenge

It’s noisy out there. With many data sources used in the research process, Aaron had to manually sift through irrelevant information that wasted time. “In the thousands of stocks I could be researching, there are many rabbit holes,” Aaron says. “How I allocate my scarcest resource—time—is the primary factor determining how well I will do over an extended period.”

Aaron needed a platform that combined searchability with intuitiveness and top-notch language processing to cut down on the time he spent digging for relevant topics.

Using AlphaSense

Aaron found that in AlphaSense, a market intelligence solution that drives confidence and speed in critical investment decisions.

“AlphaSense has the best and most accurate language processing when I’m searching across filings, transcripts, and other resources,” Aaron says. “The searchability with AlphaSense is second to none.”

Aaron Chan, Founder & Managing Partner, Recurve Capital

That’s thanks to the AlphaSense Smart Synonyms™ feature, which highlights keyword searches and generates similar words without Aaron having to sift through hundreds of documents to find what he’s looking for. Additionally, Aaron enjoys AlphaSense’s user friendly interface, which provides filtering toggles where he can click on all relevant filings, transcripts, expert calls, news stories, and press releases about particular topics.

Why Expert Insights is a ‘Better Mousetrap’ for Important Insights

Aaron also utilizes AlphaSense Expert Insights, a comprehensive library of more than 30,000 expert transcripts. When he compared Expert Insights against another expert call platform, he was impressed by the breadth and depth of information that was available, giving him an unparalleled look inside the firms he’s considering. “[Expert Insights] is a great resource to talk to former employees of my portfolio companies. I’m able to do competitor checks, former employee checks, and learn about how the company works.”

As with AlphaSense, Aaron’s draw to Expert Insights was all about how easy it was to search. “It’s such a cleaner way to sort through information from multiple sources,” Aaron says.

“[Expert Insights] provides a table of contents at the top where you can choose to listen to an audio version of the call or you can see a quick summary by the analyst who conducted the call before you listen to it so you can focus on what’s most relevant to you. It’s a better mousetrap for capturing the expert perspective— and it’s the best version of what I’ve seen in the market.”

Aaron Chan, Founder & Managing Partner, Recurve Capital

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