Arogyam Health Intelligence Chooses AlphaSense for Fast, Money-Saving Intelligence

The Firm

Founded in 2020 on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arogyam came to be at a critical time in the life sciences industry. Its founder, Aruna Rajan, has more than two decades of experience helping healthcare companies make strategic decisions to accelerate their ROI. Aruna is an expert in providing companies with strategic and actionable insights based on market trends. To perform this function, Aruna has to be up-to-date on all the latest developments in the healthcare industry.

Pain Points with Other Platforms

Aruna was using well-known market intelligence tools to obtain insights, but she says they weren’t user-friendly. “I found it very challenging to find relevant information from these reports because they lacked a proper search algorithm,” she says. For example, Aruna had trouble locating specific information on a private company’s number of employees, finding only siloed and inconsistent revenue information with various platforms she was using. Additionally, other platforms proved to be quite expensive and time-consuming due to their disorganized interfaces, Aruna says.

The Value of AlphaSense

Shortly after founding her company, Aruna discovered AlphaSense, a market intelligence tool that helps find information on companies, data and themes from within millions of research documents in seconds with one simple search. “With AlphaSense, I was able to run a comprehensive and fruitful search, even though the company I was investigating wasn’t public,” Aruna says.

“AlphaSense led me to very helpful articles about the company’s financial history that added so much more context to my research that I was unable to get otherwise.”

-Aruna Rajan, Founder, Arogyam Health Intelligence

AlphaSense’s search capabilities save Aruna time and money. She’s able to get highly relevant search results in about half the time as other methods. “AlphaSense’s search algorithm is better than other platforms,” she says. “It’s user-friendly, providing keyword hits that make it easy to see what the report is about.” AlphaSense’s ability to combine investment bank reports, press releases, and news alerts makes it easier for Aruna to stay up-to-date on the latest information. Additionally, she’s able to quickly identify and isolate the exact information she needs, without the burn-out, cognitive strain, and cost that comes with today’s deluge of information.

“I don’t have to spend as much time weeding through documents to figure out what is the most relevant to my search. That’s the main reason I recommend AlphaSense — the search capabilities. It’s huge for me. Rather than having to waste money downloading thousands of dollars worth of analyst reports which may or may not be relevant, AlphaSense helps me key in on the one or two reports that are actually relevant.”

-Aruna Rajan, Founder, Arogyam Health Intelligence

Armed with this easily accessible and actionable intelligence through AlphaSense, Arogyam can deliver powerful insights into strategic initiatives to its customers.

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