AT&S’ Market Intelligence Team Stays Ahead of the Competition

The company

The Market Intelligence team for AT&S, a high-end PCB technology & manufacturing organization, has a clear mandate. The team monitors markets and competition, delivering a high volume of quality insights to internal stakeholders and leadership.

Given AT&S’s position as a market leader across a range of businesses such as Mobile Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Aviation and Advanced Packaging, it’s essential for the Market Intelligence team to have broad awareness of nearly 2000 competitors globally. Of that competitive set, they actively monitor about 150 companies and conduct an even deeper monitoring of 5-10.

The challenge

The Market Intelligence team’s primary business challenge is maintaining a comprehensive overview of the market. Company monitoring can include a heavy manual lift, pulling information from high value sources, such as analyst reports and pulling that data into their models.

To accelerate their ability to have a comprehensive overview of the market, they turn to AlphaSense. AlphaSense supports their competitive intelligence efforts including:

  • Peer Monitoring: AlphaSense’s combination of high quality research from brokers and powerful search provides insights into market developments. Earnings transcripts are another source of data, revealing hints and evidence of shifting strategies.
  • Thematic Research: The platform’s search also helps the team craft a perspective on topics impacting their industry such as “How is the semiconductor market in Europe developing?”
  • Company Deep Dives: AlphaSense enables users to dig deep into emerging market players for which there is typically extremely limited information available.

Recently the team was looking to confirm the forecast of an unlisted private company in China. Information about this company and its financials are nearly impossible to source. Factors that increased the difficulty in sourcing reliable information included the fluctuating price of that company’s product, geopolitical influences and energy prices.

But it was critical to understand this company’s share of the market in order to understand more about the volume of the market overall.


With AlphaSense, the Market Intelligence team found a report from a Malaysian company that reported on details of a contract they have with that company that helped them understand how big the market is, and how big that company’s contract is.

“It took ten minutes to find this information in AlphaSense,” the Market Intelligence team’s leader said. “It would have cost thousands of dollars and taken weeks to hire an agency to get the same information.”

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