AlphaSense Helps Large Midstream Company Navigate the Energy Transition through Intuitive Search and Broker Research

The Company

A major North American midstream company operates a vast network of pipelines and storage facilities that transport and store natural gas, crude oil, and refined petroleum products. The company’s operations span across the United States and Canada, serving both domestic and international markets. As the world shifts toward decarbonization, they pride themselves on providing energy transportation and storage services safely, efficiently and responsibly.

The Challenge

The transition to a low-carbon economy presents several challenges for energy companies like this one, and they must navigate complex market dynamics influenced by politics, economics, social issues, and the environment during this transition over the next few years. Their task is to stay on top of industry events, major macro trends, and their competitive landscape to adapt to this changing environment.

“We did not have a well-organized platform for sharing public data across our company, particularly Wall Street research,” says the company’s director of business development. His company needed a tool that would enable his team to tap into broker research easily while also allowing them to search for relevant topics across various public data sources.

The Solution

The midstream company’s director found what he was looking for when he received an email from AlphaSense, an AI-based search engine that provides comprehensive access to business data and market research across a variety of industries.

“AlphaSense’s intuitive search platform makes it easy to search across voluminous data sources and does so in a readily adaptable form that can be tailored as needed to filter specific sources depending on the needs of any given project we’re working on.”

– Director of Business Development

Leveraging AlphaSense’s natural language processing and machine learning technology, the director is able to sift through large amounts of data to extract relevant insights quickly and efficiently. Before AlphaSense, he and his team had to wade through data mined from Google searches and scans of email inboxes for whatever research was shared by the company’s investor relations team. Since utilizing AlphaSense, the director and his team have saved an invaluable amount of time.

But one of the key differentiators for him between AlphaSense and other platforms is the wide array of broker research he and his team now have access to.

“Broker research is perhaps the most powerful element of Alphasense for us because it enables us to review and easily extract market intelligence from all available sources and utilize that data for our own unique analytical needs.”

-Director of Business Development

Additionally, access to expert insights in the expert transcript library in AlphaSense gives him yet another tool in his arsenal to be fully informed on market happenings. With Expert Insights, expert call transcripts are available in multiple formats, including written transcripts and audio.

For this large midstream company, AlphaSense is the perfect tool for planning and managing through the great pivot that is happening in the energy industry.

“Our industry may face growing pains due to social and economic complexities, and the voluminous data content associated with the global energy transition. AlphaSense’s overall ease of use and intuitive search makes navigating these changes a whole lot easier. I think it’s fair to say that we are a better team because of our access to AlphaSense.”

-Director of Business Development

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