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COVID-19 changed the entire world in 2020 but this year, cases are down and vaccines have been deployed. Companies are finding new ways to respond to an environment that changes daily depending on new science, shifting guidelines, supply availability, a new workforce, the economy, and government and health regulations.

To learn what companies are doing and what their strategies are in the face of COVID-19, we’re giving you a real-time look into released earnings calls, event transcripts, 10Ks & 8Ks, analyst research, and more.

Check out our 2020 In Review report to see how companies across multiple sectors responded to various changes in remote work, supply-chain disruptions, and to find out what their outlook is for the rest of 2021.

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Week of April 5th: Live Updates

The pandemic continues to affect supply with Lamb Weston Holdings reporting ongoing issues with its supply chain, pointing to higher production, transportation, and warehousing costs due to COVID.

On more positive notes, Carmax saw sales that beat not only last year’s COVID impacted March, but also beat their record breaking March 2019. Micron also reported continued strength with 5G demand increasing as the mobile market continues to recover from COVID.

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