How Corporate Strategy Professionals Use Broker Research

In order to stay on top of competitive forces, corporate strategy professionals need to research ideas and industries, monitor peers and track market trends.

Historically, it’s been difficult for corporate strategy teams to access broker research. At most, these teams would receive the sparsely published research of smaller brokers or research firm, but this materially limits visibility when trying to stay up-to-date on market and industry insights.

With AlphaSense, corporate strategy teams can search across reports from thousands of contributors all in one centralized location. Here are some ways corporate strategists can use broker research to stay ahead of the curve:

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Thematic search for corporate strategy

Corporate strategy teams need to identify and research industry trends. However, without properly tagged content within reports, searching or filtering by industry won’t necessarily produce relevant results on most market intelligence platforms.

AlphaSense enhances how users can leverage broker research tagging, enabling them to surface valuable insights that others frequently miss or overlook. With AlphaSense, users can research themes and receive notifications on published content, so they’re always alerted to new information.

For example, say you’re a corporate strategist for a coffee company that is considering the opportunity to expand into new markets such as China. A search for coffee and china will reveal numerous industry-focused reports that may discuss wide-ranging topics from coffee consumption trends to market share, pricing and more.

coffee and china

Note the trend chart above – it illustrates how the number of mentions of coffee and china in various documents have evolved over time. Applying filters allows users to further sort through the results in the document list by industry, country or company market cap, honing in on specific perspectives from different coverage areas. 



A big part of a corporate strategist’s role is forecasting and anticipating where the market is headed.

For example, a consumer technology corporate strategist might want to analyze what competitors are expecting the Internet of Things market to look like in the future. Searching for IoT market size on AlphaSense allows you to find and view research displaying all industry knowledge and insights needed to derive an intelligent projection.

iot market size

When searching through broker research on AlphaSense, users also get the same benefits that exist for other content sets across the platform, including keyword search features such as Smart Synonyms and multi-factor relevance score sorting, which helps users instantly see the most relevant documents.


The AlphaSense platform can be used by corporate strategy professionals to:

  • Easily find relevant data points and information with a single search. Save countless hours by finding what is needed with pinpoint precision and having the ability to sort results by relevance with one click.
  • Access to analysis and insights of research analysts and specialists from 1000+ brokers. Leverage an extensive collection of broker research all on one platform.
  • Annotate and bookmark relevant content. Highlight and take notes directly in the context of the report and easily access, download and share a digest of annotations anytime, anywhere.
  • Discover and monitor company events and updates through comprehensive broker research reports, including sell-side coverage initiations, rating upgrades/downgrades or estimate changes through intuitive tagging directly in the document results list.

Broker research used to be difficult to obtain, painful to search and practically impossible to monitor on an ongoing basis. By using AlphaSense to access broker research from top global analysts and strategists, corporate strategy professionals can instantly find the most relevant information within tens of thousands of research reports in seconds.

Clarke Levidiotis
Clarke Levidiotis

Clarke Levidiotis leads Product Marketing at AlphaSense. Previously, she launched the Product Marketing functions at both Fiverr (FVRR) and CB insights.

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